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Originally Posted by CBCnutcase View Post
It really is bush when the NHL and NBC show off about their contract and how many divisions and sister channels NBC Sports has. And what happens, there is no back up whatsoever even for the Denver and St. Louis markets. NBC Sports has a 15.6% stake in the NHL Network and the game wasn't even on that channel while the exciting Penn state rival game took longer to finish. Wake up NBC.
According to their contract on Wednesday nights NHLN is not able to show any kind of live programming until after the NBCSN game is over. That is why they have BS programming on on Wednesday instead of NHL on the Fly

Originally Posted by BadgersandBlues View Post
This was a huge issue for me as well.

Sobotka was on this ice, I was shocked he didn't at least do -something.- I think Berglund running into the goalie twice might have been his response.

I don't like the hit. PPoC was the head. The onus is -always- on the hitter not to make the head the PPoC. If you know you're hitting a guy who's 6-7 inches shorter then you, you need to be even more sure you're hitting him square in the shoulder or chest. Oliver didn't, not to mention it looks in the still shots like he made initial contact with his forearm, which is also illegal.

Overall, I thought we played a really good game. We looked much more like the team we were last season, extended O-zone time, leaving our zone quickly and, more importantly, crisply. Varlamov played a great game, and Halak comparatively played so-so. I would have liked to see him make that save, he was super deep in his crease and there was -tons- of space to shoot...I know it went off Shattenkirk's stick, but with proper positioning that hits him in the shoulder.

I'll be honest, I'm a bit sick of Backes right now. I feel like Cole and Steen and some other players have been getting a ton of flack on this board, and he's been getting a pass. He has ONE goal this season against a goalie. I know he's probably been struggling with a groin issue for the last 2-3 games, but that doesn't excuse the first 15. If we have any hope of winning a Cup, I think we need to seriously look into upgrading the #1 C spot, MUCH more so then finding AP's partner. AP was fine with Carlo I'm going to the ER every night Coliacovo all last season until he tweaked his knee. Cole has been a little inconsistent, but he's been fine for the most part. Do I think he's the guy I want next to AP in the playoffs? Not really. But I know that I would rather have RoR or Getzlaf or some other really good Center vs getting Yandle or Staal at this point in all truth.
Principle point of contact was the body Initial point of contact was the head. Olver is 5' 10' he is not 6-7 inches taller Tarasenko was bent down and leaning over.

You cannot blame the goal on Halak there were 3 blues players lined up on the blue line and they all just backed up letting Jones skate wherever he wanted to take a wide open shot. If they pressure him at the line he never has the opportunity to take a shot.

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