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Originally Posted by ManyIdeas View Post
Due to the mobile version of this website crapping out horribly recently I can finally start posting without having to hit refresh twice per page because of ads.

Hit was clean-ish. Clear head contact, however as stated multiple times, he was either going to hit him from behind(which would have been bad also) or this. Supplementary discipline could go either way because that's just how consistent it is. You could tell if he had turned a second later it likely would've been shoulder to shoulder. Obviously not a fan of the result. Even less of a fan of no one seriously challenging Olver, that reflects how we have played recently, as in no one wanting to play "rough and tumble" hockey. Stewart, Oshie, Berglund and Sobotka have been our hardest battling forwards. Hell, even Jackman is battling harder in offensive corners than some forwards.

Now it's time for my opinion on Frank's play as of late. Playing with Bergie and Sobotka has been quite a shift for him. He appears to be able to park in the slot and await a pass to rifle at the goalie. Unfortunately he seems to be positioned poorly as his shots always get blocked by a defender right in the way or someone gets a stick in the way. On the rush if he is challenged he doesn't appear to be able to make any passes or moves to advance the puck, and then after dumping it in or making a pass he will just stand there and not try and get in a better position. This happens multiple times per game and is a serious concern. I noticed this a few games ago and wondered if he was shying away from contact, which seemed unusual from earlier games.

Maybe I'm seeing things.
You're not seeing things. That's his game that he's always played. This is an entirely different system and size rink than he's used to. He's not used to people dropping down to block shots all the time. He is very good at getting open, which is why I want to see him with Perron since no one can get open for Perron. I've counted multiple times last night how many times a small pass to Tarasenko could have lead to him rip a shot, instead we were taking shots at the goalies chest.

Tarasenko is still young and I'm certain that he will be able to adapt. In the meantime he's next to useless considering none of our players are as offensively gifted as they need to be for him to score all the time.

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