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Originally Posted by Karl Pilkington View Post
The habs have won 11 games out of 16 so far. Taking a look at that stat all on its own one might conclude that they are playing very well...

Stats can be deceiving...

A closer look at the opponents they've beaten:
- Tampa Bay
- Florida (twice)
- Philly
- Carolina
- Buffalo
- Ottawa
- Washington
- Winnepeg
- New Joisey

How many of the above teams will make the playoffs? Exactly. Now shut up.

Next.. its the way they're winning... The habs have only blown out their opponent in one game (Buffalo, 6-1 Victory A MONTH AGO)... The habs have been blown out TWICE (Ottawa, Toronto)... In other words, they are getting blown more than they are blowing.. or blown out? Blown in.. anyway... the blowing goes against the Habs and the rest of the games have been close affairs where the habs have simply won because their opponents made one or two more mistakes than they did. The habs aren't BEATING teams.. they are winning.. but their wins occur from their opponents BEATING THEMSELVES.

Blowing and beating-it, the habs will continue on this run for sure and come out with a winning record, but don't be fooled.. the over the top optimism on this board about the habs is juvenile and doesn't recognize the real factors.. this team is not going anywhere..

Just watching this team you can tell their light years ahead of where they were at in pretty much any point during the Martin era.

By your definition, the Blackhawks have only blown out their competition once this season (Phoenix 6-2) Does this mean they're not one of the dominant teams in the league? Because they've only blown out their opponents once?

I don't believe that a team other teams just happen to "beat themselves" in the majority of their games. And if the Habs have been lucky enough to have their opponents "beat themselves" for 11 out 16 games this season, they still need to capitalize on the "one or two mistakes" being made on a nightly basis.

They're still winning by a convincing margin, usually by 2-3 goals which hasn't happened on a consistent basis since god knows when. (2009 maybe?)

They're fifth in goal differential. They're out-shooting their opponents most of the time. They're top 10 in both goals for (9th) and goals against (4th)

Price also hasn't had to steal any games for them, which wasn't the case last year.

Whether or not they can keep up the pace remains to be seen, but if you think the team doesn't deserve the record they have up to this point well then I don't know what to tell you...

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