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02-21-2013, 01:17 PM
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Freudian, I don't think O'Reilly's father is meddling with the process. I think he's just standing up for his son. I can appreciate a lot of what O'Reilly's father stands up for when it doesn't come to hockey. But, I think Ryan O'Reilly is definitely cut from the same cloth as his father. As well, to be honest, those comments by his father are a huge red flag for me. It's almost as if he has some narcissistic personality traits. By that, I mean tough, unyielding and inflexible. I knew a girl who was a lot like that and she was IMPOSSIBLE to negotiate with when she had her mind set on something. Bryan O'Reilly reminds me a lot of her.

Having said that, I think Avalanche management is pretty inflexibly too. We all know what Pierre Lacroix is like. But, the Avs have shown they are apt to some change. The signed Jones and PAP to deals that were not cheap. But, I think it's extremely important that they show some loyalty to Duchene for signing a bridge contract. With the way Duchene has been playing, O'Reilly does not deserve a cent more than Matt. I also would not want to do anything that would offend Duchene. He is my golden child on this team now.

So, in the end, you have two narcissistic type groups trying to come to an agreement and they come from two completely different perspectives. Good luck with that. But, going forward, I really have to wonder if O'Reilly really is a good team player or not. I know he is a rink rat and plays a great all around game. I will never forget telling a Jets scout two years ago that I believed O'Reilly would win the Selke Trophy one day. O'Reilly came in fourth in voting last season. But, if Ryan is as inflexible as I think he may be, I would want no part of him. Matt Duchene and his agent recognized that he needed to sign a bridge contract. He did it recognizing he needed to prove more. Moreover, he even said himself that he could not imagine holding out on the team. He is a team player. If O'Reilly were playing right now, we could be a much more difficult team to play against. Matt Duchene obviously cares about the direction of this team. I'm not sure that O'Reilly did. If that's the case, he should go.

But, trading O'Reilly is a monumental move for this franchise. Personal matters aside, he is a very important asset and the Avalanche cannot take any risks in screwing up a trade with him. If the Avs need to take two years to get good value back, then they must do it. This is a critical move for the franchise and we must come out on top if we truly want to move forward. I also would not be keen on packaging Barrie or Elliot with O'Reilly. Barrie is a smart player. Elliot looks physically stronger this year and you can tell he's got a lot of offensive potential. I really hate that the Avalanche have to go through this. I really hate we have to go through this. But, I hope the Avalanche get it right.

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