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Originally Posted by Heyoooo View Post
You still wouldnt prefer Gaborik, Richards and Nash in a more open system?

With the best goalie in the world backing you up and a top blueline, I think we can afford to.
As I wrote earlier in the thread, I'd prefer Nash in a more open system along with players like McD and Hags. Richards, so far, doesn't look like he can handle this system, let alone a more complicated, more open one. I'm sure he'll improve but as of now, no I don't want him playing more open because every time he tries to get fancy he makes an boneheaded mistake. Gaborik played in MIN and here - neither was very open, yet he's had an incredible career and under this "closed" system he's been nothing short of spectacular so far looking at the big picture, that is, not letting 15 games override hundreds.

I don't think it's wise to up and change strategy in the middle of a condensed season when a team is doing alright. I think this team would be playing a smarter, more nuanced style if they had a full camp and a preseason to make the necessary tweaks. Given that they haven't, I don't think it's wise to change everything right now. They look like they're not executing on an individual basis. They need to play through the rough patch - not overhaul the entire thing mid season because they're only tied for eighth a quarter of the way through.

Originally Posted by Bluenote13 View Post
Sure they count, but maybe he's not the same player. He's getting older, and banged up, and he's not the main offensive star for the first time.

Every player needs to be rubbed the right way. Treating them all one way seems lazy, uninspired and a bit too overboard on certain aspects of the game.

Anyone who has watched the NHL for awhile realizes that most players, even top players have up and down years. Ryan Callahan gives his body every game, but he doesnt always bring an all around game does he? Our top player, maybe our only real Star has down months, but he's a goalie with alot of time to get his game on.
The point you made was that "the system" doesn't work for skill guys. I said it works for Gaborik and the proof is right out there to see. The "system" isn't holding him back. It literally never has his entire time he's been here. Maybe he's struggling because he's not the same player - but maybe he's struggling becuase everyone on the team looks a step behind save for a handful of guys and no player is at their peak all the time. Either way, it's not the style of play at the root of his struggles. He's thrived under this style for a long, long time. We're not even halfway through a short season. He was "older" and "banged up" last year and he had 41 goals.

Implementing a team system isn't about treating all players one way. Every team has a system that the players need to buy into. "We're going to play X type of game, boys, that's how were going to win." That's not lazy or uninspired, that's choosing an identity and every team does it. Also, Torts doesn't treat everyone the same IMO. Guys who are built to play hard hockey and block shots are obviously counted on to do those things more often for example. Gaborik isn't getting kept off the ice because he's not blocking shots on playing hard on the boards. He doesn't do either of those things well but he scores and he's almost always getting top 6 minutes. I don't think he's treated the same way as guys like Callahan at all. If Callahan played like Gaborik does, he'd be hearing from the coach for good reason. That's not his game. He doesn't lurk and then snipe. He needs to be on the wall. He needs to be first on the forecheck. He needs to hit everything that moves.

Again, this all happened last year. These same. exact. points. came up over and over. Teams take time to come together. It'd be great if they stormed out of the gate like Chicago, but they didn't. That doesn't mean you need to overhaul the entire thing or that the style of play all of a sudden affects the same players in an opposite way.

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