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Originally Posted by offdacrossbar View Post
torts is a defensive coach. hes a counter puncher. while he preaches an attacking style, hes really a guy who teaches a system that minimizes mistakes and sacrifices offensive pressure.

* this team is a defensive team first.
* torts thinks from the goal out. in that order.
* offense is a byproduct of his 5 in the box system.
* this team doesnt think offense. it thinks turnovers, forecheck and help defense. any offense is created from defense.

if the system isnt clicking, the team will look slow, lifeless and unable to back up its opponent. forget about coming back form 2 goals deficits.

this system stifles offensive creativity and in fact, punishes it. any torts player who thinks offense first is an outcast and rewarded with less ice time and a diminished role. look back at players who failed here.

guys who come here with an offense/shooter mentality are turned into ryan callahan or they are gone

and we surprised that the powerplay struggles. its the only ALL OFFENSE part of the game.

replace torts and sully. then this team will open up and start to win games by dominating rather than maybe getting ahead and hanging on....

the sabres fired ruff. we can fire torts.
Please provide some examples of players who played well rounded games being punished for being offensively creative. Nash is creative. Gaborik is creative. Richards is supposed to be creative though he's fighting it right now. Those guys get top minutes night in and night out. Big punishment. Guys like PAP and Zucc didn't play well rounded games and they still don't. They found teams that care less about that sort of thing and they're fitting in there. Good for them.

Gaborik is the model of a "shooter mentality" and he's thrived here. Hasn't turned to Callahan. Hasn't been driven out. He's been handed first line minutes and put up great goalscoring numbers year after year.

As for Ruff - his team didn't have success like NYR had just last season in years and years. They aren't comparable at all.

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