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Originally Posted by NYR Boyler87 View Post
So you are okay paying a high price for Iginla who has looked terrible in Calgary but not okay paying the price for ROR who is 22 and can be part of this team for a very long time?

Iginla used to be good.
Originally Posted by Ailurophile View Post

In regards to the idea that RoR is actually holding out for a big payout, again, why do you believe this to be true? All evidence, be it rumblings, rumors or inside info, has suggested something went wrong during negotiations and now he wants out of Colorado. Let's just forget about this part of the scenario entirely however because it's impossible to know one way or the other which is actually the case, and more importantly Sather will get this kid on his terms. Stop worrying about a potential albatross contract because it's pointless. Sather would never let RoR strong-arm him into a ridiculous payout. If he does, you can worry about it then. None of us here are suggesting trading MDZ AND giving RoR the contract he wants. Moving on.

It confuses me that you think Iginla is a better idea as a rental, rather than bringing in future long-term talent in a position where it is lacking it. To suggest Iginla is the move this team needs is to say the Rangers are going to contend for the cup this year and trading away more young assets for a rental is worth it. What gives you that impression? The product on the ice certainly shouldn't, nor should the performance of the two well overpaid and moving out of their prime players they have in Gaborik and Richards. Yet you want to bring in Iggy? No, God no. Certainly not as a trade deadline move.

I like DelZotto but you can win a Cup without a puck mover, especially in the system Torts is running. You can't win one without solid forward depth and center is arguably the most important right now since they have the most defensive responsibility. Unless Torts decides to change the gameplan, I have to say DZ for RoR is a good move, for the right terms.
Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
Another RW would be the right pickup for this team? We have 3 top-six RW's on the roster already. How many more need to play out of position? Cheaper assets for a guy who will only be here for 20-ish games and we'll never see him again.

Iginla might, MIGHT give you more after the trade deadline, but I'd much, much rather address a position of need with a kid who can be here beyond the short term.

Enough with the greed nonsense already. Remember all the posts you made about Subban not being worth $4M per year so it was pointless to even consider trading for him? How he was so greedy to be holding out for big money? Didn't exactly hit that number on the head when all was said and done. You don't have any definitive answer as to what the kid would sign for with a team other than the Avs. Enough with the conjecture.
Guys, I am not advocating that Iginla is the answer or the right move. Though I am a big fan of his. However, in regards to a player like Iginla as a deadline rental it makes more sense than to trade MDZ. I strongly do not believe Iginla will cost as much as many of you are predicting. And while he has struggled this year you have to keep in mind his team hasn't exactly been stellar. Its a better move imo then trading for RoR. There's others I'd consider such as Ryder, Jagr, etc (at work cant really do the research from my iphone which is why it took me so long to respond to you guys, sorry about that).

I understand that maybe RoR isnt asking for $4 million or north of it, but I would find that very hard to believe and a pretty naive way of thinking. So you trade DZ for him
and he continues to hold out here, what then? Or Sather caves for the first time in years and changes the standard he and management has instilled over the last few years. I just dont agree with the move for RoR. $4million is the max I'd give him.

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