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02-21-2013, 01:44 PM
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One more post before I have to go and be productive today:

Can we please retire the following "arguments":

1- Stralman can slot into the top 4: No, he can't. He's filled in on a short-term basis before (a game or two to cover for injury), but he's never been a top-4. In fact, through his career, whenever he's PLAYED as a top 4, he gets exposed so badly that he often gets cut outright. He looks good on this team because he gets very sheltered minutes. Remove the shelter, and you'll see that Stralman isn't even close to a top 4 guy--Torts has even said as much. Don't forget, some of you guys thought the same thing about Eminger not too long ago.

2- Player X (Barrie, etc) will step in and fill MDZ's skates: The odds are astronomically against this being true. The folks clamoring to trade MDZ love to ignore this point, but Del Zotto is the ONLY Ranger since Leetch to score more than 40 points in a season. Stop acting like he'd be easy to replace with a throw in or a prospect. It's just not true, there is no valid argument to make it true, and it makes you look like a fool.

3- Del Zotto is a 3rd pairing defenseman here: Third pairing defensemen don't play PP, PK and ES, getting 20+ minutes a night. You know this. The only reason you call him a 3rd pairing guy is to slight what he actually does to make your point seem stronger. It doesn't do that. It just makes us think that not only have you not seen O'Reilly play, but you apparently don't watch the Rangers either.

4- Del Zotto isn't a real PMD: If your definition of a "real PMD" is a guy like Leetch, Karlsson or Green (when he was playing well), then the NHL never has more than one or two "real" PMD's per year. If we're applying that rationale to player movements, then let's trade everyone except Lundqvist, because they aren't "real" #1 centers, wingers or defensemen. And why on earth are we bothering with O'Reilly?! A "real" center would be Wayne Gretzky, and RO'R isn't even close! Bottom line--Del Zotto did something only 18 other defensemen did last year, and he was one of the youngest ones to do it.

5- We have depth on D, but we NEED a center: We have one offensive d-man capable of playing in the top four. We have four centers capable of playing in the top nine. Math not your strong suit? Richards is a vet, and he's not exactly 100 years old. Stop overreacting to a cold start to a season with no training camp. He'll come around.

6- MDZ will NEVER be more than our 4th best D: Another absurd argument. I have a hard time seeing MDZ becoming better than McD (though to be fair, I did expect more from McD offensively this year than what we've seen so far). That said, Staal is entering his prime and Girardi is IN his prime. Both are currently better than Del Zotto, but Del Zotto is better than either of them were at 22 years of age. It's entirely possible that in a season or two, we're talking about moving Staal because HE'S the "third pairing LD." There's no doubt in my mind that MDZ will eventually eclipse Girardi, but he's safer due to his status as a natural RD.

If you must keep this argument, then apply it fairly. Why trade for O'Reilly at all? After all, he'll never be more than our #3 center, right? Don't value one guy based on a future projection and then discount another based on his status today. It's dishonest.

Back to your regularly scheduled mauling of Cinna the poet.

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