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Originally Posted by Wilch View Post
Gotta post a photo of that stick collection of yours one day, Jarick.
It's not that impressive...

Bauer Nexus 600 - 60 flex P92
Warrior Covert DT2 - 55 flex Kopitar
Miken Z9 - 65 flex BP14

I think that's it for one pieces.


Easton SE16 - 75 flex (cut from one piece)
TPS R2 - 65 flex (cut from one piece)


Easton Synergy - Forsberg
Base - 4.75 lie Drury
Assorted Easton wood tapered blades

I've had probably 50+ sticks since I started in 2005. Gonna start a thread on that

Originally Posted by LarryO View Post
Hmmm... I started out with a couple of BASE inter 65 flex sticks, one of them bought 2 years ago and the other one 1 year ago. This year I decided to try their 55 flex. What's odd is that the flex difference between the older 65's and the new 55's is barely noticeable. And I don't think my 65 flex sticks lost that much stiffness. The 55 flex sticks aren't as whippy as I hoped/expected, and feel similar to 60 and 65 flex sticks of other brands, but they're doing the job and may soften a bit in time. So it's a little weird and makes me wonder if they updated their flex ratings this year. Or maybe it's just a quirk in their manufacturing of those two inter flexes.

BTW, since the Natural is a mid kickpoint, it might feel a bit whippier than a Savoy Special of the same flex rating.
Hmm...well I've met with the local BASE rep several times and a couple teammates had their sticks (and since moved on). I always felt they were very whippy.

Originally Posted by Jumpavleau View Post
Newbiest of newbs here. I'm going to be taking up hockey, starting with skating lessons next month.

I have a question about cross-dominance and stick handedness. I write and eat lefty, throw/bat righty, shoot a gun right handed but try to aim with my left eye. Yes, that doesn't work very well, I'm a terrible shot.

My question is, after fooling around at my LHS, it felt more comfortable shooting righty, but poke-checking lefty. Just to make sure I'm clear on the definitions of handedness, I mean I felt more comfortable shooting with my left hand on top and right hand on the shaft, while I felt like I had more control of one-handed functions with my right hand. write with your left hand? If so and from what you say I'd play with a right hand stick.

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