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Originally Posted by Superbowlfishca View Post
I have had the chance to see this team play three times this year. Not entirely sure what a previous poster means by “average at best”. The team is big and highly skilled. They currently reside in first place and have two kids Kaden Elder and Dillon Dube in the top ten in scoring. Link is

Its 14 year olds playing against 17 year olds and size is a huge factor. Dillon Dube and Kale Fluery on this team are not big players(prob 5’4-5’5 and maybe 130 lbs) but in the games I saw they were very good. Mainly because they skate exceptionally well and are very smart high skilled players. Most of the other players are very big for their age and so from what I saw in the games I watched size was a non issue. Is this an ideal situation for the ND program?? I think the powers that be there would say no it is not. But I think if they want to play in a league in Sask where the standings count this is their only option. I have heard they are exploring the possibility of entering the Manitoba Bantam AAA league but it would mean a lot more travel for all and would more than likely get shot down by that league.

Last year the team was poor in the Midget AA league finishing in the bottom part of the standings. In previous years they played exhibition games against the Bantam AA Saskatchewan teams but would dominate those games to the point that it did not do themselves or the teams they played much good. The team really gears up for about four or five Bantam AAA tournaments each year and this year they did very well in all the events they played in and are one of the top ranked bantam teams in Western Canada.

A previous poster is very correct in saying the new rules instituted by Sask Midget triple A have hurt ND. It does surround the transfer issue but I am not sure of the details and how this has specifically hurt their program? Maybe someone can give some specifics as to what has caused them to be less competitive as a result? I do know one thing that if they can somehow keep most of the current Bantam AAA group together they will be a great Sask Midget AAA team in the future.
I was referring to the team playing in the sbaahl league

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