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02-21-2013, 01:53 PM
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Every Stick I've Ever Used

Thought about this one from time to time, thought I'd give it a shot. Here's every stick I've used from 2005, roughly in chronological order.

What I've learned:

1. I'm cheap yet compulsive so I will buy sticks on sale that I normally pass by.
2. I rarely spring for good stuff like I should and end up spending more money in the long run.
3. I'm a tweaker who will constantly tinker with stick height, curves, kick points, etc.
4. Every time I want to buy a stick, I ought to just put that money in savings for new APX.

So I'm probably leaving some things out, but I recalled a few "gems" I had forgotten, or maybe banished from my memory.


Bauer Vapor XX 87 flex PM9 - first OPS, light, way way way too stiff for me, blade broke actually
Bauer Endure 77 flex P88 - thing was a tank, used it for years, kind of heavy and rubbery puck feel
Mission Fuel 65 flex Rafalski - first intermediate stick, light, well balanced, decent shot but stiff due to low kick
Bauer One95 67 flex P88 - awesome but I didn't like the curve, didn't like mid kick and shot suffered
Bauer Vapor XXV 67 flex P88 - better shot than the One95 but kind of heavy and crap feel
Bauer Vapor XXV 77 flex P92 - same as above but way way way too stiff
Reebok 7k Sickick 75 flex Bergeron - great kick and flex, a little lag on it, got bored with the curve
Bauer One95 77 flex P92 - bought it cracked used and it broke right away
Bauer One95 87 flex P92 - actually decent stick but it was too stiff when cut down
Reebok 10k 65 flex Crosby - it literally got stuck in the zamboni door on my first shift with it and the blade broke...but it was too stiff
Battleaxe BX10 65 flex Drury - very light weight with decent feel and great kick, first stick I broke while shooting
TPS R2 65 flex Nash - way old pre-XN10 stick, light and balanced, decent feel, too whippy, torqued on me
Bauer Vapor X:60 75 flex P92 - LOVED this stick excellent weight, balance, and kick, meh feel
Warrior Dolomite DD 70 flex Draper - excellent feel but felt too whippy at the time, regret selling this for cheap
Warrior Dolomite Spyne 75 flex Draper - same as above but too stiff, sold it to a teammate who needed it for $20
Warrior Dynasty 70 flex Kopitar - great feel, solid all around stick, used mostly as backup
CCM V06 65 flex Crazy Ovi - awful stick, too stiff and heavy, crap feel, awful curve
Warrior Diablo 70 flex Kopitar - great feel, too stiff, blade broke second use
Bauer Nexus 600 60 flex P92 - meh feel, kind of heavy, flex is cool but whippy, it's a backup
Warrior Covert DT2 55 flex Kopitar - great feel, hate the low kick, it torques like a *****
Miken Z9 65 flex BP14 - decent feel, a hair stiff, quick release and good shooting


Easton Octane 85 flex - first stick as an adult, heavy and shot like crap
TPS XN10 whip flex - super light weight, nice whip, too much torque, blade heavy
Reebok 5k 75 flex - too stiff and heavy
Easton Cyclone 65 flex - felt like about 150 flex
TPS Rubber X-Stiff flex - felt like about 150 flex
TPS Tricore 60 flex - felt like about 50 flex, way too whippy, had a fake wood grain finish that was weird
TPS Intrigue 65 flex - garbage shaft, pure fiberglass
Bauer One90 67 flex - light but too whippy and blade heavy
CCM Vector 08 75 flex - too stiff
Easton Z-Bubble 75 flex - felt like about 150 flex again
Warrior AK27 70 flex - nice kick but too light so nothing balanced at all
Easton SE16 65 flex - cut from OPS, flipped to take junior standard blades


Easton wood Forsberg - heavy
Bauer One60 wood P106 - light as a feather and fell apart quickly
Easton ST Heatley - insanely durable, decent feel, heavy
Easton CNT Drury - great feel, super light, very fragile
CCM "Texalium" - awful
Sherwood RM9 PP96 - decent feel and weight, disliked the curve
Montreal M95 Euro - had many of these, great feel, good weight, durable, cheap
Easton Hybrid Sakic - first Sakic, these were cool, composite blade on a wood hosel, super thin
Warrior Bandito Draper - heavy, crap feel, waste of money
Warrior AK27 Draper - good feel but still heavy
Bauer One90 wood P92 JR - got a few of these for my junior stick and tweaked the curve, too light and short and small
Bauer One95 P88 JR - seems like a good blade but too small, was only $5 though
Bauer One35 P92 JR - same as above but with worse feel
Easton wood Hall - small wood blade, tweaked it open, never use it


Mission L-2 75 flex - nice kick but lots of lag and torqued open
Easton SL 70 flex - great shaft, nice kick, good weight and balance, kind of boxy, should have kept it but no grip
TPS R2 Armor - nice kick but these were notoriously flimsy and broke first time I used it
Warrior Dolomite pro stock 320 flex polar fibre - bit too stiff, polar fibre was weird, snapped it on the boards
Warrior Dolomite 75 flex - had two of these, a bit stiff, great shooting overall
Harrow 300 75 flex - too stiff
Harrow 300 60 flex - too whippy
TPS XN10 65 flex - way too whippy and light
Reebok 7k Sickick 75 flex - cut from OPS, oddly had fantastic kick to it, donated it
Reebok 8k 75 flex - thought it would be like the above but was WAY too stiff
Easton SE16 75 flex - cut from OPS, still have it, nice kick, good balance, kind of boxy
TPS R2 65 flex - cut from OPS above, still have it, light, too whippy


Mission L-2 Hull + Hossa - light, good feel, lost stiffness and cracked
Warrior Dolomite Vanek + Robitaille = nice weight, ceramic feel, very durable
Christian wood - heated and curved into a toe, soft/dull feel, super light
TPS R2 wood Nash - don't remember much, fairly stiff and decent weight?
Easton SE16 Iginla - great feel, light, hated the curve, started cracking at the heel right away
Warrior Dolomite HD Kovalchuk - great feel, started cracking quickly
Easton Synergy Drury - very old, seemed tough, pingy feel
Mission pro stock Brunette - great feel, super durable, a little heavy, weird curve
Harrow 300 #1, #2, #4, #5, #6 - had a lot of these, good feel, heavy but not as heavy as standard, bulletproof
TPS R2 blade pro stock - good feel, light weight, hated the curve (closed)
Bauer Vapor XXXX P88 - ceramic feeling but insanely tough, used this outside for a couple years
CCM 852 wood blade - unremarkable wood blade, might have given it away?
Easton EQ50 / SE16 / Mako wood Drury, Forsberg, Lidstrom - great weight and wood feel, fairly durable but go soft
Base 4.75 lie Drury - good feel, durable, good weight, hate the sharkskin though
Easton Synergy Forsberg - very old, haven't really used it


Sherwood 5030 Coffey - of course, decent but blade falls apart
Montreal 4400 Euro - LOVED THIS STICK, great kick, great feel, great durability...a buddy still brings his old one to games for mojo
Easton Classic Forsberg = actually had a great shot with this but it broke after a couple games
Sherwood 7000 Coffey - too stiff
Bauer One40 - senior flex = too stiff, intermediate flex = blade torques open
Bauer One55 - actually really liked this but it snapped in half literally the first use

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