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02-21-2013, 01:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Stretch Factor View Post
Seems to me, most good teams in the salary cap era are building around a corps of 7 key "skill" players. 4 on offense, 2 on defense, and 1 goalie. Then 13-15 complementary players to round out the roster. Chicago is a good example of this, though some question remains about the goalie. Anaheim, Pittsburgh, Vancouver, and Boston are also good examples.

Offensively none of those teams load up a single line with three great offensive players, they put two studs and a complementary player together on the top two lines. Defensively they typically play their big minute eaters together. This usually consists of an offensive minded d-man and a traditional stay at home type who can cover his partner's back.

Clearly we have the 13-15 complementary players, the question is who are our 7 key "skill" guys and who is available via draft, trade, or free agency to make out the roster?

Elite Top Line Winger (80+ points)- We need this guy
Elite Top Line Center (80+ points)- We need this guy
Very Good 2nd line winger (50-80 points)- We need this guy
Very Good 2nd line center (50-80 points)- We need this guy
Complementary Top line winger (60ish points)-Atkinson or Johan (I think he'll end up a power forward, not a center)
Complementary 2nd line winger (40ish points)-Anisimov,

Third line (defensively capable) Dubi, Jenner, Foligno, Calvert, Letestu
4th line (energy creators)-Boll, Mac, Dorsett, Gillies

Top Pairing Offensive Defenseman (40-50 points) Perhaps JJ
Top Pairing (SAH) Stay at home D-man (+20) Need this guy
2nd Pairing Offensive Defenseman (30-40 points) Wiz
2nd Pairing SAH (+15) Moore
3rd Pairing Offensive Defenseman (20-30 points) Erixon
3rd Pairing SAH (+10) Murray

#1 Goalie (2.0 GA/.920%) we need this guy
#2 Goalie (someone who can be reliable in a pinch) Mason or Bob is fine with me.

Of the 7 key "skill" positions we currently have 1 filled (JJ).

I don't see a place on this roster for Brassard, Umberger, or Nikitin. I also think we should trade some players who are fighting for the same spot, like Wiz or Tyutin. We don't need two 2nd pairing offensive defensemen when we have so many other holes. Same could be said for trading one of Anisimov, Atkinson, or Johan (unless we think he is a top 4 offensive player).
The major flaw I see in the analysis here is the theory that certain players presently on the roster won't be part of a final, competitive roster, so therefore "they should be traded immediately for draft picks."

The problem with that is that we still need to ice an NHL team in the interim, and throwing kids to the wolves is rarely good for their development. They still need to EARN places rather than have 'em handed over.

Also, historically, Umberger fits into that "very good 2nd line winger" category so long as he's not being asked to carry the load by himself. Whether or not he'll still be there by the time we're competitive is debatable, but frankly I don't know what you're projecting this roster concept for - next year or several years from now.

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