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02-21-2013, 02:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
Everyone's a bust until proven not a bust, particularly if they play for the Flyers. vanRiemsdyk, BSchenn, Couturier, Richards, Carter. You can even tack on Giroux since everyone said his offensive potential was going to hit a max despite the incredible flashes from his early NHL career.
Don't go all 'victim' on me.

Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
How does that put him over Couturier by Roo Mad Bro's explanation? Couturier out produced Strome.
My bad, I didn't consider games played, forgot Couturier was at the WJC.

Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
Who said that about Huberdeau > Couturier? It was pretty much suspected that Couturier was going to fall out of the top three at that point. It really depended on what type of player Florida wanted.
Everyone was lauding the Couturier pick and saying the Panthers made a huge mistake drafting Huberdeau over him. Everyone.

Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
While producing at the CHL level is very important, it's hard to compare those points among peers.

Couturier out-produced Huberdeau at the CHL level, but they are very different players.

Huberdeau right now has 9 points in 15 games.
Couturier has 7 points in 16 games against tougher competition while playing all-world defense (he's easily the best defensive forward on the team.)
3 of them are assists on the powerplay. Couturier has 4 points in 16 games at even strength, Huberdeau has 7 in 15. I understand that Couturier's playing different minutes, but he's also playing more, against weaker defense, and with better linemates.

The difference here in our arguments is that I'm acknowledging that Couturier's playing stupidly hard minutes and how that affects his offensive production relative to Huberdeau. You're not acknowledging the parts of Huberdeau's situation that make his production just as impressive.

Again, I'm not saying that one player is better than the other, I'm just trying to say that the rest of Couturier's draft class is catching up with him, and it slightly decreases his relative value.

Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
Are you sure that Couturier won't out produce Huberdeau WHILE playing all-world defense and sharing his minutes with Giroux and BSchenn? We're less than 20 games in. I mean, for god's sake, Vanek is still out-producing Crosby.
Of course I'm not sure, for god's sake. I'm just saying that watching Huberdeau and watching Couturier, you can see a huge difference in offensive talent.

Originally Posted by sweHockeypunk21 View Post


1rst round pick 13/2nd round pick 14 (depending on value)

Sharks do this because they get a young top-6 forward that they can rebuild with Couture. Lol imagine the commentators . Flyers get the young PMD with tons of upside and potential along with Clowe and a high pick.
Stop, ****ing stop it with these terrible 'Couturier to SJ' proposals. We have one player that would get Philly's attention for Couturier, and that player is going nowhere, so for the love of god, stop.

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