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02-21-2013, 03:08 PM
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Originally Posted by orange is better View Post
See this is what I mean. You claim that bogosian and fowler are top players who have room to grow, yet you seem to negate that title for couturier who's only 20 years old. Does he not have room to grow? He's the best defensive player on our team, and probably better defensively than any of our defensemen save for Timonen. He plays against top lines and forces other teams to try and get their players away from couturier, and yet he's not worth a defenseman with similar upside? I understand that both bogosian and fowler have played longer, but couturier has arguably made just as big an impact on his team.

And I don't understand how people don't see his offensive upside. He's been used primarily in a shutdown role, and he had the highest PPG% in his draft class, yet people seem to be under the impression that his offensive potential is that of a 3rd liner. Will he be an 80 pt center? I don't know, I can't tell you that. The role hes used in here may not support that, but does he have the potential to be? Absolutely.
Basically what 2 posters above me said. What is Couturier right now? A #1 center? #2? #3? IMO he's a #3 with potential to be a very good #2 or a 1a/1b type of center a la Bergeron or J. Staal. What is Bogosian right now? Bottom pairing d-man? Top 4 d-man? Top pairing? #1? I'd say that he's a top pairing with the potential to be better.

As I said somewhere else in this thread, potential and draft pedigree an only get you so far. It's also above what you've proven in the NHL. Couturier hasn't proven anything yet that would make his value equal to that of a top pairing d-man without adding. In the long run maybe he is just as valuable as Zach Bogosian. But right now? He's not to me.

As for the last part, plenty of players have great potential but it's highly unlikely most players reach them. So yeah, if everything went right for most players, the NHL would have had more than 9 players with 80+ points last year and more than 21 players with 70+ points last year. I don't know why people act like it's insulting to Couturier to say I believe he'll be a ~60 point player for the most part. I've watched nearly every game he's played, so it's not like I'm reading his stat line. I'm watching him play and I don't see elite offensive capabilities in him. And for every excuse that people use as to why he hasn't shown more offensively, I could make one for every other player in his draft class. Very few players are put in a perfect situation. Hey, I'd love to be wrong though and will gladly admit it if I am.

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