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02-21-2013, 02:19 PM
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Originally Posted by J StClair28 View Post
Why does everyone assume Yeo doesn't have a plan or method? Because he switches lines around when no one's producing, and he doesn't play a rookie top six minutes every game?
I can understand some of his moves. His roster is not ideal either, and I also know I might be too hard on him given everything. There are also different perspectives in coaching in regards to what can/does work. What he is doing, might actually be what's best, I really don't know.

What is bothering me about this lately though, is there is very little consistency. When he does have consistency, some of his decisions are fairly questionable. And he really has made some decisions that for the most part make no sense; it's as if he is truly feeling desperate and just trying different things because he doesn't know what else to do.

Good teams develop over time. Most of the time, these good teams have time to work together, and some of their success comes from learning how to play with their linemates. This all takes times. I have never been a fan of revolving lines, and that's what we've been seeing a lot lately.

I'm sorry, but Granlund on the 4th line, to me, is just folly. We have Konopka, Brodziak and even Cullen for that. With Granlund's skillset and build, he's top 6 or bust. Less ice time in a role that does not suit him is not going to aid in his development in any way. One of his best games was at wing; he's still not getting more chances there despite us still having Konopka, Cullen and Brodziak at C.

Genius move putting Spurgeon and Suter together, again. We all saw what was going to come of that. But Spurg is a right handed d! Christ... That worked out so well he had to put Brodin and Suter back together after not even two periods.

Mitchel, playing better than Clutterbuck, also has a better skillset to score, yet not put in the role to do so.

Seto, playing his ass off. Since we have such a revolving door of players and lines, why has he not at least had a shot at the top line? Heatleys slow as hell this year, and has only shown that he wants to play sometimes. But this has never even been tried during a game. His skill could also compliment Parise.

Our PP sucks and has not improved at all. It's also showing no signs of improving. WTF. Our guys move the puck around like there's molasses on the ice and they have all the time in the world. Why has this not changed at all?!?! Why do we try Spurg on the #1 unit, when he has NEVER been able to keep the puck in the zone. Pretty big thing for a d manning the point. But we need a R d... Stick ****ing Gilbert up there with Suter. Right now we're just pissing away every damned PP.

Why has our team not played 60 minutes ONCE this entire year. If we're supposed to be all heart and soul, why do we constantly have entire periods where we just don't show up - and this one really is on the coaching staff.

Why does he punish some players, like Konopka for his stupid penalty(which was deserved), Granlund and Seto (which was also deserved), and not other players, like Heatley and Brodziak. Brodziak hasn't shown up to half the games this year, neither has Heatley. Heatley also gives away more pucks than enyone! How many times has he just passed it to the opposing team?! Sit his ass for a game.

What about Clutterbuck and his complete inability to score, except for that lucky as hell stupid goal he's gotten so far. Why has none of the coaching staff over the last two years told him to start shooting in different spots. I mean WTF. Every single ****ing shot is high glove side. Part of the problem is, it's not going in!!!!!!! He misses the ****ing net most of the time, or the damned goalie just catches it. This is what the coaching staff is for. If we all notice it, they sure as hell should too. Last game he had 3 prime chances and ****ed them all up. He even went high glove side when he had more net to shoot at on the goalie's stick side, AND the ****ing goalie's stick was broken.

Just too many bad decisions and too many questions, which is why I am getting frustrated with what's going on.

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