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02-21-2013, 02:20 PM
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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
The Hockey News had an article in their March 4th edition on the Kings trying to defnd their title. Inside of it there is the following paragraph:

The 2013 issue hasn't been released yet, so I guess we shouldn't be looking to much forward to it. Sad that Toffoli has dropped from 39 to 65, while Forbort is right off the list. Hopefully we hold onto our picks for the next few drafts so we can rebuild the pool, while is starting to thin out IMO.
I disagree with their view of us and site how many of our kids make the NHL vs how many of their darlings bomb. Its journalism 101 with these guys all the way around every time. Controversy sells papers so make outlandish claims here and there and people will talk about it and hopefully buy the papes.

TT will make the NHL and so will Vey Persoan Forbort Gravel Andreof Gibson Deslauriers and a few others. They will make it to the NHL. That is a huge accomplishment and we are among the very top of the league in converting picks into NHL players.

Now I am not saying that it wouldn't be nice to have another DD JB or Simmonds on the farm waiting but for a team that was bereft of NHL caliber talent a few years ago we built a team that won the cup and is deep enough to compete for it again over the next few years and that is supposed to be the point of having prospects.

We could use a budding superstar or two on the farm (though I would argue we have at least one) but we have plenty of exceptional young talent down there and they turn into NHL players who can be turned into picks players like Carter Richards etc.

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