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02-21-2013, 02:45 PM
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Originally Posted by medgett View Post
I don't think we can really say that Garrison has met expectations to this point in the season. Orcatown's assessment of his skating and his inability to give himself time is bang on. A symptom of this I'd like people to watch for here is how many times he rings pucks up the boards for the forward. I recall a few seasons ago Bowness saying this is a stat the coaching staff keeps and it is seen as a negative thing. This leads to many giveaways by wingers or, at the very least, a puck battle as it puts them in an awkward position to play the puck. Garrison not only does not get to the puck quickly, but when he gets there he hasn't had a look around to know what he's going to do with it. This leads to him turning back into the wall and engaging in a battle more often than not. Where his skating's an issue IMO, is in joining the play as the canucks come up the ice. In this system, the defence has been extremely active in closing the gap between our forwards and our d men. This helps support the play, limits opponent's transition opportunities and helps to keep pucks in and keep pressure on offesively. Garrison often lags far behind the play as the team breaks out and on the o zone entry. Lastly, his vaunted slap shot has been terribly inaccurate when he has gotten it off and he doesn't move well to give himself opportunities to get it off. Those are the negatives.

His defensive play and positioning in his own zone is actually quite good. Although I feel he leads to us spending a lot of time in our own zone, he does more than his fair share to prevent that leading to a goal. He isn't beaten as often 1 on 1 as Bieksa or Edler and he's smart enough and strong enough to get good positioning in front of his own net to protect against rebounds. That's the positive and it actually makes up for quite a lot.

At this point, many have made up reasons why the negatives exist and some may be valid. For instance, not making quick decisions with the puck, not moving to get himself shooting opportunities and making the simple wrap around the boards play may all be symptomatic of a guy who's not quite acclaimated to the system. Also, some have pointed to the groin injury. He wasn't scouted as a 'clunky' skater, which is the exact term for it, so perhaps he's still suffering somewhat from that. This might account for a guy being slow to join the play and being slow back to the puck. These are all perfectly reasonable arguments, but they all could just as easily be wrong.

I might be reading into this incorrectly, but as far as I can tell, Orcatown's point is that, f these issues are rectified over the course of the season, Garrison should be one of the guys considered for a buy out this summer. To say that a guy should be bought out now is definitely premature, but to say that if his play continues this way, it should be a consideration is not illogical.
Very thoughtful post. I have emphasized myself the the buy out is premature. Only thing I ever said was thank god the option is there. Maybe Garrison starts to play up to his salary and all this goes away. But until he does I think any degree of foresight has leads to a consideration of that option.

This becomes even more a point of discussion if Garrison has some chronic groin problems (which, has has been suggested may provide some explanation for his play).

I think we have to be cautious that Garrison does not become some whipping boy to explain away some very poor defensive play by the team. Other defensemen have had some very obvious difficulties as well. But we know that Bieksa, Edler , and Hamhuis are, or have been, excellent defenseman, and are fully worth what they are getting. Garrison is much more of an unknown, at least with this team, and he needs to start proving that he is worth the type of dollars and term he was given.

The point of this thread is to IMO to say where Garrison is now. Maybe some projections can see him differently. But those are projections. As it is, there are several major issues with how Garrison has played (most especially his inability to contribute at all to the offense) and these are admitted by even those that try to defend Garrison. He needs time but based on the present evidence there has be concern.

To me, the most irrelevant posts here are the ones that say we should even think about how Garrison is playing because someone else is playing bad. IMO that is senseless especially given that the thread is an attempt to focus on Garrison.

Might also say that the buyout would be huge and that whether team ownership would consider such a expenditure would be open to question.

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