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02-21-2013, 03:49 PM
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Game 12 @ New Jersey Devils
4-2 Win


2nd 18:29 Dwyer (Harrison, Faulk)
+1 Skinner - Too bad he got hurt, because he is getting surprisingly good at creating turnovers on the forecheck.
+1 Faulk - A lot of defensemen shoot that loose puck right away, so it's kind of exciting to see Faulk developing into a guy who recognizes a better opportunity rather than making the easy play.
+1 Harrison - How impressive is it that Harrison leads the defense in offensive pluses so far?
+1 Dwyer - Don't know if he quite intended to score a goal that way, but at least he was screening Brodeur well.


3rd 01:34 Carter (unassisted)
-1 Faulk - This came at the end of an inexplicably sloppy sequence of breakout attempts that also involved Harrison and Bowman, but ultimately it comes down to Faulk skating right into a double-team in front of his own net.
-1 Harrison - I'm not sure what was going through his head here, but Harrison took a really weird angle at a slow-moving pass that created a completely unnecessary turnover and put Faulk in the awkward position of trying to skate it out by himself from in front of the net. I thought about giving Faulk the only minus, but my gut says the record should reflect that Harrison helped make his partner look bad on this play.

+1 Dwyer
+1 Skinner

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