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Originally Posted by Thesensation19 View Post
What do you think of the new Mako skate.

Its features seem kind of interesting.

Its designed after the old MLX designs. Were the MLX designs really good? I heard that they were very comfortable. True?

I hear the boot fiiting is amazing. One review wanted to give it a 10 out of 5 but could not. TotalHockey states it may be the best of all time. Is this really important in new skates? Being able to mold the skates the best or very good.

I heard possibly replecable parts. The Heel, the tongue are repleacable.

I am looking for protection most importantly. I hate when skate tongues are lacking protection. I can spend around $400-500, was wondering if skates past 600 and then skates like the Mako at 800 really worth the extra cash. Are they bound to last longer? I am looking for duration also in skates of course.

Tho I can really oinly spend 500, 600 is pushing it...The mako at 800 is really interesting. The designs to allow more flexibility, comfort and evolution of the MLX designs kinda got me hooked.
New Mako be honest, the only opinion I have is based on some discussion over at MSH and the 2013 catalogue, haven't seen or tried them in person. I have also never seen or have any experience w/ MLX.

As a result, my thoughts aren't worth much but here are some:
- Easton's making a big push with their two lines of skates to further improve their reputation as a quality skate maker. Easton has never had a good reputation for being reliable, especially with their earlier Synergy and Stealth skates. They've make good strides with the EQ series I think. Between the Big 4 (well, 3 since CCM and Reebok are one), they are clearly at the end. The RS line looks promising and should complement the Mako well.
- Under the impression that this is the first time that the crossover between speed skating and hockey has been seriously considered and implemented. Imagine what it must have been like for the designers working on the launch of this product; exciting stuff!
- Flexible tendon guard is a very interesting feature, not a new concept, but the hinged design might encourage more people to try integrating it with their sock/shin. Being flexible, the biggest concern I have just by considering the concept is of durability; not sure how Easton took that into consideration.
- Finally, Easton is innovating!

I suppose I could give some more impressions when I see/try them. To be honest, I'm actually going to be in the market for new skates soon and these are definitely a very intriguing consideration pending trial.

Originally Posted by sanityplease View Post
Air, an update, picked up a pair of CL's on clearance had a skate on them, no games yet, pretty impressed so far. I forgot to mention earlier, I've got high instep & arches, the depth of the ccm boot is perfect for me.

They felt pretty good right out of the box, soft inside plenty of foam. After first bake, felt even better. Tried skating on them, left outsole wasn't wide enough (turns out my left foot is wider than my right-never knew until now) & boot was open/loose on sides of ankles & botched sharpening (supposed to be a 5/8", I'll eat my skate guards if that's actually what the guy in the store did-not my regular sharpener. Feels like a 7/16", waaaaayyyyy too much bite, even on hard ice.). No edge on my right rear inside edge. Right skate blade tracks to the left (in about a 2' diameter arc) when I'm on a certain point on the blade- this went away after 20 mins of skating, I'm guessing it was an uneven edge. Going to get them to my regular sharpener asap.

Second bake, put pressure on my left fore-foot to widen, tightened a bit more & held the boot in around ankles. Have them on right now, feel good. Really impressed with the 'moldability' & stiffness of the boot.

Thanks for the OP & advice.

Sidenote: I've seen the new RBZ skate, between the 'moldability' of these boots & selectable arch footbeds, should fit a lot of different types of feet & do well.
Regarding the bake : To optimize results, one should bake them one skate at a time and follow manufacturer's instructions. Since they are so pliable, the skate fitter should absolutely help out but forming the boot with his/her hands around all parts of the foot. Your second bake seems to have addressed what the first didn't.

Regarding the sharpening : What skates did you have before and how long have you used them for?

Regarding RBZ : The 2013 CCM catalogue hasn't been posted yet and thus I've only seen a few photos online.

Originally Posted by newfr4u View Post
i'm still shopping for my Stealth RS's. i wasn't able to try on the 6.5EE anywhere, but i can still find them online. I am currently in synergy 7EE's, and i think i could probably go down half a size. so i am stuck choosing between 6.5EE and 7EE. i also have extra sets of steel for the 7, which wouldn't fit the 6.5, i think. is this true?

so i am stuck in indecision land.
Check the size of the steel and holders, if the sizes are the same, they will definitely fit. RBII holders are nice in that you don't need special tools (TUUK wrench) to change steel.

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