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Originally Posted by Puhis View Post
Thanks for the tips. I haven't really played Sim City 4 in ages, and since I bought a new PC in August, I don't even have SC4 installed so no city files there.

I must say, most likely I was just sucking at actual city planning and longevity.

I need to get back to Sim City sometime though. If I found time to play Civ V for about 6 hours in a row after staying up all night, I will find time for SC.

Do you play Civ V btw? Or any driving games?
No Civilization games. I have a couple older Need for Speed games.. Hot Pursuit 1 and 2, high other one I think. But nothing modern.

And as far as city planning goes, the early stages is all about managing your expenses until you have a surplus. That means skimping on services early on. In fact, when I start my first city in a new region, the only thing it gets right off the bat are a coal power plant and a small fire station. Schools don't come until the large schools are unlocked and I can zero out their bus funding to save cash (large schools have a very large bus radius even with zero funding towards them), and hospitals come even later.

I also plan for eventual mass transit possibilities at the start, deciding on if I want to go subways only, or if I want to use rail or monorail in the mix as well. The latter determines my grid size. 7x13 for subway only, and 8x14 for either of the rails. Regardless, in one corner of each block, I leave at least 3 blank spaces. One for a bus stop, one for a subway, and one for a bribe (small flower garden for residential, small plaza for commercial, and whatever I feel like for high tech industrial).

The bus stops get installed pretty early, usually as soon as I start getting multiple congestion messages, or 30,000 people, whichever comes first.

In addition, I try to lay down my first high capacity roadway soon after starting, usually an avenue, but lately I am becoming partial to the 5 lane turning lane avenue that comes with the NAM's additional Network Widening Mod, because it just annihilates congestion like nobodys business. Later on I decide where I want to put any highways.

And in addition to the NAM, I would recommend a couple of other mods that fix some bugs, like the Opera House bug, a mod called Crime Doesn't Pay that makes overlapping police coverage actually worth it by knocking out another bug, and a couple of informational mods like a census building, enhanced graph mods and data view mods, and an enhanced query window mod.

Additionally, one other mod that is optional but not considered a cheat is the industry doubler mod, which...doubles the jobs available in industry buildings, since a giant oil refinery comes with a jokingly low 30 jobs, meaning you need to zone a whole medium tile to get a whole 50,000 jobs out of it. Industry doubler is vital, in my opinion.

I also use a larger hospital. Comes with 8,000 patient capacity for for $3,000 instead of a standard hospitals 1,000. Same ambulance funding and radius. It really cuts down on the need for them in larger cities, where I would often need 8 or more of the "large" medical centers in my densest areas. Totally ridiculous. I checked, and my city with 3,100,000 people has more hospitals than New York City. And they are all FULL, including the Disease Research Center that you get as a gift a few hospitals in and has an insane capacity.

So yeah, a couple mods to cut out the ridiculous underpoweerd aspect of a couple things here and there helps too.

And finally, I like to use a helicopter silencer mod, because without it I simply can not stand to use the Deluxe police stations because then all I ever hear is that damned chopper spinning all over the place, even when on pause. So yeah, all that mod does is tell the helicopter to shut the hell up.

Anyway, just ask me if you have any other questions. I would be happy to help out.

Oh, and dont forget to set the games processor affinity to only use one core. Sim City 4 does NOT play nice with multiple cores.

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