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02-21-2013, 03:08 PM
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Game 13 vs Toronto Maple Leafs
3-1 Win


2nd 06:06 Corvo (Eric Staal)
+1 Eric Staal - Helped create the turnover, then created the Keystone Kops routine in front of the net.
+1 Corvo - I'd like to see him make a smarter play on that turnover, but I guess you can't argue with the result.
+1 Tlusty - This is just another broken play until Tlusty gives Grabovski that little love-tap in the numbers, knocking him off the puck at the critical moment.

2nd 15:09 Jordan Staal (Skinner, McBain)
+1 Skinner - His straight-ahead speed looks great on this play. Also, nice Skinner-style jumping celebration.
+1 Jordan Staal - It's a subtle thing, but watch how he slows down as Skinner moves in for the shot. Dwyer goes in full-blast and overshoots the play completely, whereas Staal is cruising in comfortably for a wide-open rebound shot. Smart play.
+1 McBain - Again, a subtle thing, but that was a really savvy one-handed poke to push the puck up for Skinner off the Leaf turnover, and smart to skate past the Leaf backcheck to get behind Skinner. You just know his eyes were as big as saucers when Staal's shot was on the way to the net with nobody defending the rebound.



+1 Corvo
+1 McBain
+1 Eric Staal
+1 Jordan Staal
+1 Skinner
+1 Tlusty

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