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02-21-2013, 03:11 PM
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Originally Posted by rajuabju View Post
Lewis' goal was more flukey and the Calgary goaltender being out of position / view blocked, than a good shot.

I'm sorry, but other than on the PK (where is he EXCELLENT), Lewis is MEH. His offensive vision is non-existent. A number of times over the past few games, he's brought the puck into the offensive zone, and if he had bothered to look up/around him for a split second, could have found a WIDE OPEN teammate. Instead he shoots a weak shot from a bad angle.

And he seems to consistently lose track of the puck when its around him. It's almost like he needs glasses or something.

I'm perfectly fine seeing Lewis on the bottom six. He's very very good on the PK (reminds me of Handzus). He's responsible defensively in general. He's got good foot speed. But like so many before him, he does NOT belong on the top 2 lines. Period.
Don't worry, just wait 2 games and the line combos will change. Ride'em while they're hot.

We've had a few goofy lines with not top-6 players that have gotten hot for 4 or 5 games. Just leave'em alone until they cool off and then change them out. The Calder-Stoll-Brown and Richardson-Kopitar-Simmonds lines come to mind.

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