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Originally Posted by Bubba Thudd View Post
I don't think 1A, 1B, and 1C works. Not enough ice time to keep everyone happy. You end up with players that either don't produce at their max potential due to limited ice time, or you get guys that throw a tantrum about the ice time (and demand a trade, one way or another, when it's time to sign a contract). That's why the vast majority of teams -- particularly the successful ones -- go with the more traditional top 6 / bottom 6 recipe.

Stastny leaving is pure speculation. Have you actually seen anything that insinuates that he wants to walk? Or that management has no desire to resign him?
I don't necessarily agree. I think the 3 scoring lines system CAN work as long as it's done properly...

Oh I guess it can't work with Sacco then.

Seriously though, when this team has been at it's best, we were going with 3 scoring lines : 1996 Cup & 2001 Cup teams featured 3 centers-deep and 3 lines that could score.

I agree that it's difficult to maintain because what seems to happen is players playing on the '3rd line' end up getting easier match-ups due to teams loading up trying to defend against lines 1 & 2. That can sometimes translate to guys having big years points-wise and thinking 'imagine what I could do if I had even MORE ice time'?!?! but it never ends up working out like they planned. They still get their bigger pay-day though.

Thinking specifically of Mike Ricci, Chris Drury, Steve Reinprecht and even Alex Tanguay who I think was able to put up 78pts playing with Lappy and Brett McLean if I remember correctly.

I think the circumstances are a bit different now though, since the guys in slots 1 & 2 are not Sakic and Forsberg. Having 3 scoring lines instead of 2 is a huge benefit when the other teams shut-down 1 line, and the other one is having a bad night. At least it gives you another possibility. I think you really need to have more two-way guys rather than pure offensive guys though for this to be really effective. I'm a big believer in it and it really BLOWS that this season has gotten off the rails, hold-out and injuries wise.

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