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Originally Posted by scelaton View Post
All this enthusiasm about ROR makes no sense to me whatsoever, for the following reasons:
1)There is no evidence in his history that he is an elite C, but rather a high-50s, 1/2C tweener.
2)We already have a proven one of those in Little, and 2 more 'maybes' in Burmi and Scheifele.
3)There is broad agreement that what we actually lack is a true elite centre, a la Duchene, or better.
4)The hysteria that is building up around this kid means whoever trades for him will likely overpay. It will be a big pice, bigger than Burmi...and our cupboards are not exactly well stocked. I don't mind paying a premium for a true star, but there are only two of those on the Avalanche and neither's initials is ROR.
I really really really like Burmi, but I would trade him for ROR.

...but it is worth mentioning, ROR will probably cost twice as much as Burmi on his next contract. Burmi will probably cash in somewhere around 2-2.5M per year for a couple years.

Compare that to ROR who wants something like 5

5,000,000 ROR
5,750,000 Toby
5,250,000 Kane
5,200,000 Buff
3,900,000 Pav
4,400,000 Olli
4,400,000 Ladd
5,000,000 Bogo
5,000,000 Wheeler
3,500,000 Little

That would be 47.4MM towards a 64.3MM cap and leave 16.9 MM to fill out the rest of the roster.

1,600,000 Slater
1,700,000 Stuart
0,650,000 Wright
0,866,667 Thor
1,000,000 Postma
1,000,000 Redmond

Which leaves us with 10.083MM left to add a backup goalie, three bottom 6 forwards, and a couple depth D men. It wouldn't be a dire situation, but it would put them quite a bit closer to the cap. Are the Jets comfortable there?

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