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02-21-2013, 03:38 PM
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Originally Posted by iceman9999 View Post
Hello Guys, most of you might not agree with me today but I am very upset..I have been a rangers fan since the 1970......

Rangers have to much confusion on the bench,

To many bench penalties, players moving up and down from AHL everyday, NO line is sacred on the Rangers everyday you have a new linemate.

He misuses all the young kids including Krieder!!, Krieder is up and down more than a yoo-yoo!.. the kid can skate real fast & score just like last season in the playoffs, if he screwed up on D so what!! thats why you have defense,men..

He got rid of Orr & Scott two top fighters in the league, why get rid of them, you dont play 4th lines anyway!!.. PROBABLY he is afraid of them.

torts only rolls 3 lines in a game when teams uses all 4 lines, and uses 4 defensemen instead of 5 or 6.. he has his top 6 players that run 20+ minutes a game, Of course they will be tired an make mistakes.

Devils beat the rangers last yr because the rangers were tired rolling only 3 lines.. an 80 game season took a toll on them, You think the devils didn't know that??? They kept shooting the puck in an had the rangers defense chase it deep in there own end and get tired.. Devils 4th line destroyed us in the playoffs with Carter & Henrique.......

Every team in the league is wise to torts system.. He has Rick Nash a 30/40 goal scorer getting $8M and he is blocking shots!!!. He is there to score goals an set up the other guys,,.Between Gaborik, Nash, Krieder the rangers should roll..

All the kids get yelled at or benched for mistakes but if Richards, girardi or stall makes a mistake its OK!.. thats bullcrap.....

This team looking at it should win the cup the next 2 yrs..Torts disrupts the team chemistry to much.. Torts knows it is a short season if he screws up this weekend an goes 8-8 beware, an hope he gets the hell out of town....

maybe get Lindy Ruff time for a change


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