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02-21-2013, 03:44 PM
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Originally Posted by The Kingslayer View Post
Just finished rewatching the work...winning My thoughts

1. Varlamov stole this one. I said it last night and will say it again. The amount of quality chances the blues had was insane. This team collapses way too much for my liking. Blues players were able to walk right into the slot uncontested all night. Had it not been for Varly we wouldve lost 7-8 nothing.

2. The Olver hit on Tarashenko was clean but unfortunate. If Olver wanted to absolultely cream Vlad he could have. He didnt charge at him whatsoever. Blues fans crying about it just comes with the territory when one of your best players gets hurt. Alot of ya'll were doing the same when lando got hit by a clean check.

3. Barrie was our best defender last night by far. He made one rookie mistake on that Steen fake but beyond that I thought he played well. Kinda hope he finished that 2 on 1.

4. Nice to see Stewart lack of backcheck on the OT goal haha wow im sure Hitch was loving that. Good play by Hunwick on that rush

5. Matt Duchene looked tired or hurt in the second half of the game. Couldnt really tell which. He seemed to have slowed down in the second half. He was still pretty dangerous everytime he had the puck.

6. Mcping man this guy has no luck. He couldve had 2 goals last night easily. 3 if you count his semi breakaway

7. I Miss Shatty.

8. Man does TJ Oshie dive alot. I like the kid but his theatrics yikes.

9. Elliott looks super nervous everytime he has the puck. Like its a freaking grenade. He needs to calm the eff down. I like the way he gets shots to the net on the point though. he should teach EJ how to do that.

10. Winning is funner then losing so im glad we won last night.
True. He's been very good since EJ went down. Playing with a different kind of confidence, and assertiveness rather than thinking too much out there.

I'm coming around on him, but I'm still not sure if the end product with him is going to be a high enough level to consider him untouchable. He's getting and setting up some great chances, he and his teammates just need to cash in on them. I think then we'll have a better idea of what kind of production to hope for with him.

I also think Elliott looks more comfortable in his own zone than before too. Isn't running around as much, and is patiently trying to stay in position to break up plays.

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