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12-18-2003, 08:05 PM
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this is to the 2 guy's
i just distinctly remember him playing with passion and hitting everything in sight.. im also very damn tired so i cant remember how often or anything .. as for the eye injury and all, guy you mentioned you had one and went right back into the thick of things.. but no offense to you but you werent playing in the NHL (or atleast as far as i know you werent) and if im wrong on that, my apologies but there is a reason for bringing that up given that the speed/size of the players its ALWAYS a worry.. once again, look at al macinnis who's retina got detatched and had to be surgically re-attatched after a suffering a hit (or atleast i think it was from a hit and not another highstick) and al wears a visor and isnt one to do ANYTHING with reckless abandon .. least not nowadays at his age..
but like i said to begin this post, my memory is shot right now and if its only been in spurts, then i apologize and i do realize the economics of the issue but i do think he brings something to the table that we currently dont have and need in the playoffs which i believe we'll make.. until ward gets back and unless we get someone of some size in return, he's a valuable member of the team at this point in time or else BG and CJ wouldnt be playing him or even have him in the NHL (look what they did w/ traverse and dykhuis) .. and just remember one last thing, when BG came on board he preached one thing, accountability .. and he was known for being a hardnosed guy when he played and he built dallas to what it was in the same way.. hell he stuck up for breezy and shut up all his boo birds.. he, as the GM will make the right decision when he feels the time for it has come.. be patient and let him sort the "messes" out
thats how im looking at it from here on in, the team will do well.. we'll make the playoffs.. just let BG do his job

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