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02-21-2013, 04:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Halak Ness Monster View Post
So I lose either way. I say Cole has been below average lately and it is a blanket statement. I actually point out 3-4 awful plays in a quick second and I'm cherry picking. I don't have all day to go back and watch the games and make a detailed list. If you've been watching you've probably seen it. I'm sorry.

Should I point to his inconsistent ice time despite playing with Alex Pietrangelo? Why is playing 14:59 last night or 16:34 against Calgary? Even 18:57 against Vancouver isn't much with his two-three shifts in OT(one was a minute long to start OT and was actually a great shift).

Also, saying that he has been better than Redden and Russell doesn't make his play better. Redden and Russell have been disappointing this year but that doesn't make Cole's play better.

This line of yours had a lot to do with it: "Nitpicking individual moments which is done with every player on the roster ≠ "Ian Cole is terrible," "Ian Cole shouldn't be playing" and the like."

I pointed out plays where Cole has struggled. I took it that your nitpicking comment was aimed at me since no one else used any examples today. That line was actually used in reply to one of my posts so it had to be aimed at me. How else did you think I'd take it???

You "should have really understood" why I responded the way I did. Especially when you combine the above line and this other line: "Hating on Cole has been a way for me to help understand who knows hockey and who doesn't." That's extremely rude.
I skimmed this. You're waaaaaaayy too sensitive. It's simple. If you "hate on Cole" and single him out as a lousy player, one who shouldn't be in the NHL, then yes, it helps me filter who knows hockey. If you hold the opinion that he's a lousy player who shouldn't be in the NHL, then yes, you could take it as aimed at you personally, who in no way were in my mind when I wrote what I wrote. I was reacting to Easton's post. If you don't hold that opinion then lose the martyr complex, ok?

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