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02-21-2013, 03:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
Medgett, I believe the opposite of your take to be true. Bieksa has been atrocious. Hamhuis just behind him, and Edler third. At least Edler is staying aggressive offensively. Not floating hopers at the net like Bieksa and cashing in. Garrison has been better than Hamjuice, and on par with Edler IMO.

When your top4 is playing that badly, only the foolish disregard the environment to single out a player. The environment is near everything. It's the context. Some people disregarded the environment to start singling out certain players unfairly, while giving others a free pass. In the GDT no less, where you know opinions are always completely rational...

It speaks to someone that hasn't watched him play in FLA. It also represents an inherent bias to the known quantity. It's not Garrison's fault certain posters have no prior knowledge of his play. Yet it's because he's an unknown here, and people are watching him intently while glossing over the bigger mistakes of the "known culprits", it's somehow reasoned to be a fair and even handed analysis. I'm not buying it. Especially when (and I know certain people will hate this) stats can be brought to bear to completely shut down some of these fallacious arguments.

Bad enough that someone makes an ill thought out remark in a GDT, where emotions are running high, but to still push it as a rational opinion after the fact? When terms like "thank god a buyout is still an option". Man, talk about jumping the gun. Ugh.
I don't think anyone here is disregarding the environment. Good thing too, I wouldn't want to be considered a fool! Look, if someone is saying that he should be bought out, that is premature, but orcatown has said a few posts ago that they agree with that. If that is going back on a prior statement, so be it. I don't really care about that. To say that his current play warrants his contract is IMO foolish and therefore to say that you can't even consider him a buy out candidate, (with the caveat that he continues to play the way he has), is equally foolish.

As for Bieksa and Hamhuis, to clarify, I said they were rounding into form and I honestly am not sure how someone could watch the last 10 games and say they've been atrocious. True, they haven't been at the top of their game, but that seems way over the top.

Finally, Garrison's body of work that you speak of is based off one year of play. If you go back prior to the signing, many posters felt that Garrison would be a nice player, but he was likely to be very well paid and there was some risk that he was a one year wonder. I'm not making a judgment one way or the other, but its worth saying that he was a 5G 13A player in 73 games at the age of 26 before the arrival of Brian Campbell. If you want to bring the body of work into question, you have to admit there's a chance this is the player brought in rather than the 16 goal guy.

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