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02-21-2013, 04:02 PM
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Just picked up the Stack and Tilt DVD set AND the book for $40 shipped. DVD's are $60 before shipping on clearance (were $150 a few months back) and the book is $20 before tax in stores.

That's almost as good as my $20 Logic Express 9 that went for $200 last year.

Originally Posted by bozak911 View Post
I just picked up a Miken MV-5 Pro Radial Composite Stick BP23 after using a friends in HF Tuesday Night league.

Dropped down to a 70 Flex on the recommendation of one of my AHA teammate. Said that the way I shoot needs more flex in my stick.

Looking forward to using it.
Dunno if you saw but I got a Miken Z9 a few weeks ago and it's pretty dang good. Balance is perfect. Got a nice kick to it. I'm up and down on the curve though.

Originally Posted by GopherState View Post
After reading through the article, Hyden makes two really interesting points. First, he discusses in that indie rock has eschewed the radio route and are too comfortable being in their own bubble making music for like-minded people. It's something that also gets seen in comedy where people wonder how a Louis CK or (insert comedian that is hilarious on LA-based podcast) does not have the love and respect across the nation that the Blue Collar Comedy guys do. There's nothing wrong with segmentation - the internet is built off of it - just that it does the raise the question of whether a smaller success for like-minded people is such a good thing?

The other point that I thought was interesting was how country music is now writing about the things mainstream rock would have 15 years ago.
Go back and read the other six parts. The first few were interesting based on the history, but parts 5-7 were talking about the rise of indie credibility compared to record sales as a measure of success, which has lead to the like-mindedness and pigeon-holing of indie rock.

Also, I'd replace the Blue Collar with Dane Cook. (Allegedly/probably) ripped off Louis CK but appealed and sold himself to a wider audience.

The best part is he is a writer/reviewer for Pitchfork, probably the most elitist music pub I've ever read

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