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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post

Del Zotto is our only 'point producing' defenseman. It's not a fact, however, as Girardi and Staal both put up over 30 points themselves. But here's the difference: they did it while shutting down oppositions' top offensive players.

Del Zotto will always be behind the triplet of McDonagh, Staal, and Girardi as long as the four of them are in New York.
You just lost credibility. Girardi has put up over 30 points exactly once (31 point season). Staal has never done it. Yes, they are better shut-down guys than MDZ. MDZ is a much better PMD than either of them. I say again--Del Zotto is much better at 22 than either Staal or Girardi were at the same age, and he's not THAT far behind them right now (the only difference is the consistency of his defensive game, which has been improving steadily for more than a year).

Del Zotto will get paid big on his next deal. 5+ million per. For a guy who will be trapped behind McDonagh, Staal, and Girardi. That makes him a #4. You do not pay a #4 that kind of money...while also lacking depth down the middle.
I cut out the stuff where you nit-pick certain parts of Del Zotto's game. If we're going to move guys for having "brain farts" and not single-handedly improving the power play, we're going to have a team with a goalie and no skaters.

You are also making huge assumptions about his "next deal." Everyone thought Del Zotto was going to get 4+ million on his current deal. Remind me again how that panned out? In two years, Del Zotto may very well have made Staal or Girardi expendable.

This is where this trade starts to make sense...
I literally cut everything after this, as it's the product of a skewed look at the entire scenario. You contradict yourself with each point. Barrie is better than Del Zotto because he's cheaper, yet we need to bring O'Reilly in even though he'd be more expensive. Barrie needs to replace Del Zotto because he's a better skater and skating is important, but we need to get O'Reilly even though poor skating has always been one of his biggest flaws.

Again, you do what all the pro trade folks have done--in your world, everybody we get is going to maximize their potential (or maximize potential they never had--please, stop calling O'Reilly a potential #1 C unless you can back that ceiling up with any legitimate scouting report not written by an Avs fangirl). In your world, this trade addresses a problem you THINK we're going to have in two years even though it creates a problem right now.

This isn't a "shrewd trade." It's SNT (shiny new toy) syndrome. Take a minute and seriously think about this--if you can't justify a trade without twisting the scenario to present the incoming players in the best possible light and the outgoing player in the worst case scenario (despite ALL of the evidence to the contrary), doesn't that say something to you? You shouldn't have to manipulate facts so hard to justify an actual "shrewd" trade.

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