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02-21-2013, 04:19 PM
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Milbury v Roenick

Milbury does an adequate job. When Mike Milbury starts to turn on Roenick like Milbury often does when Roenick & them both are doing analysis it starts making me want to tell Milbury shut-up and let the viewers hear Roenick.

Jeremy Roenick just has to much personality to be on the set with Milbury. Milbury tries to pull his I'm the host of the show stuff and seems to get caught in a power struggle with J.R.

Mike Milbury turns into a ******-bag when Roenick starts to give his answers. It turns out bad for viewers when Milbury tries to keep J. Roenick under his control. Milbury likes to play good cop bad cop with Roenick. All the viewers like Roenick better and Milbury thinks of himself as the good cop. I hope J. Roenick gets a premiere job. I wouldn't mind E. Olczyk & Roenick doing some work together.

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