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02-21-2013, 04:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Ailurophile View Post
You're right, he is apt to play favorites and give unwarranted ice time to goofs with no hands and poor skating because they play a "strong" defensive game.
So you don't think playing the right way warrants more ice time?

Originally Posted by Bluenote13 View Post
Oh he has his favorites.

They are few. What I was referring to was the system on the ice.

So yes, most of the team he tries to turn into the collective middle keeping all comers outside. When they do get in its usually a disaster, then SuperHank swoops in. The team has a great goaltender and pretty solid defense for the most part. The offense should come from great defense according to our coach. Neutralize even strength, win it on the PK & PP. Sounds great on paper. How's the execution been? Enough of this 'no preseason' stuff, they've had just as long as all the other teams ahead of them.
This system *****ing is so stupid. Yeah, his system is don't score. ****. That's absurd. We do carry the puck in at times, but the Torts system is make sure you get it in, so if that means dump and chase then yeah that's more preferable than neutral zone turnovers. And guess what, that's the way most teams go about it. You don't have room to carry it in you dump and chase. That's the nature of the NHL, you want all this puck carrying watch the soft euro leagues with their giant rinks. And again, don't forget we DO carry it in. We just haven't looked great doing it. My guess is because we don't have that many great puck carriers. We lost our best last year in Dubi, and this year I guess it's Nash. But when Nash carries it in more times than not he looks to go one v one and loses that battle more often than not. Of course when he wins it looks awesome, but still he fails way more than he doesn't fail. This is a bit of a digression, but the main point is that Torts "system" isn't what you seem to think it is, instead you're complaining about what the skill of the players on this team force the team to do. This team isn't a puck carrying team. That doesn't mean it can't be a puck possession team though. This year we've seen long spurts where we set up in the O zone and just take it to the other team for shifts at a time.

As to the second sentence of the bold, careful your ignorance is showing again. 1. Torts doesn't say that. 2. I don't think it even makes sense to say win the game on the PK. 3. We don't simply try to neutralize the other team at even strength, we often dictate play with a strong forecheck, and we have Dmen pinch too much to suggest we're just looking to neutralize the other team at even. 4. I think you just made this claim to ***** about the PP, so to that point get the **** over it. We've struggled there, sure. That's not new, and that's not unheard of. Boston won a cup with no PP. That's not to say I don't wish it gets better, I do, but to make it the be all end all of whether or not you ***** about the team and call for a Jack Adams award winner and finalist last year to be fired is to self-respecting Rangers fans offensive.

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