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02-21-2013, 04:33 PM
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I've been playing since late 2005 so it's not QUITE as bad...60 or so sticks over 7+ years...okay that's still a fair amount.

I could probably do the same thing with all my gear

Originally Posted by neksys View Post
Cool list. What do you do with all the sticks? Some break I'm sure, but do you just have like, a bunker stocked full of old sticks?
Actually I sold most of them. I've maybe only broken half a dozen sticks and shafts. For a while, especially with shafts and blades, you could recoup a good bit of value selling them. But the last couple years nobody wants to buy them so they just either pile up or recently I've been donating them to equipment drives.

Right now I have the Nexus 600, Warrior DT2, Miken Z-9 for one piece sticks, and then my SE16 shaft and R8 shaft, plus another standard shaft that I didn't list, so I'll have to fix it

Originally Posted by Flowzie View Post
Never used an Easton OPS?
Nope, which is weird. I'm really intrigued by the Mako 2 series, especially if the price points are as good as AIREAYE says they are. Just recently busted out my SE16 shaft and like it although it's a bit big and boxy for my tiny hands.

I've come close though. Nearly picked up ST's several times, nearly picked up clearance Stealths, just passed an EQ40 for $50 and a 2010 ST for $65 this last weekend.

Originally Posted by thedonger View Post
Jarick, just out of curiosity, do you think you'd like the dt2 more if you'd have gotten the 70 flex instead of 55?
No, because I tried and disliked the Diablo in 70 flex before it. The Diablo 70 felt just too stiff up near the hands where I like it to flex. With snappers you could feel it kick, but not with wristers like I take. And I didn't want to force myself into a new shooting style.

If you liked the Covert feels like the anti-T1 to me, so you probably won't like the kick point, but maybe you'll love it? It's so personal.

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