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07-13-2006, 07:23 PM
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My best Li memory, from riding LIRR was one friday afternoon, the 4:10 to Montauk. Packed with the pink gators going to Fire Island, the burly construction workers downing a few dozen cold ones and seats being nowhere to be had.

We are hurtling through east queens and there is a fire island bound pink gator sitting in a seat and next to him he has his favorite puddy cat in a cat carrier. A big old boy construction worker says excuse me could I sit down. The PG says no my cat is sitting there. The BBCW says excuse me does the cat have a tix for the seat? No say the PG. Well says the BBCW I have a monthly pass and I would like to sit down. I;ll hold your cat on my lap. No says the PG. In one foul swoop the BBCW grabs the cat carrier, open the door, flings the cat carrier out the door onto the track grading! The PG is beside himself screaming about his puddy cat! Classic LI!