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02-21-2013, 05:04 PM
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Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16 View Post
I don't always buy that. Anytime your team is up to 10 games over .500, in most leagues, that's good enough to be in the playoffs. I feel for Florida and Calgary because some years, to qualify for the playoffs, you're looking at 97 to 99 points to make it in. That's ridiculous and to be 4 points out is a kick in the nuts.

It's not as if Bouwmeester played on teams in Long Island or Columbus or any place like that. He played on teams that had legit shots at making it into the playoffs, especially the Florida team his last year there and his first two years in Calgary.
A 0.500 record in a league with uneven points per game is a terrible record. So, while 90 points is technically 8 games above 0.500, it's in a points percentage sense, which is skewed due to the extra point for an OT/SO win.

Essentially, you're team is graded on a curve in your conference in the NHL. If you miss the playoffs, your team is below the 50th percentile in that conference.

Calgary finished with 90 points (10th) in 09/10, 5 points behind the 8th seed. In 10/11, they finished with 94 points (10th), 3 points behind the 8th seed and with 32 ROW, which was 3 less than any team that qualified for the playoffs. These were not good teams.

His last year in Florida was probably the team that had the best chance to make the playoffs, losing out on a tie-breaker... doesn't mean Florida was a good team, as I would argue that it's possible for a weak team to make the playoffs (just means there are worse teams below them), but it's not possible for a good team to miss them.

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