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02-21-2013, 05:13 PM
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I've got a lot of problems with modern country:

1. The vocal twang is annoying and gimmicky. I will not listen to crap that has it.

2. It's far more pop than folk or rock oriented. That's not a bad thing, but call it what it is. I'm listening to Eric Church Springsteen right now and it's basically got a disco beat where he's rapping on top of it.

3. Yes, it all sounds so damn similar, with the same chord changes and production. Yes I know you've got that Tele twang and acoustic guitars and maybe some slide in the background, it's cookie cutter.

4. Lyrics are corny as hell. Artificial nostalgia or else chest thumping good ol' boy crap. I guess some people loved when country singers started overtly singing about trucks and beer and fishing and what not, but I can't take it seriously.

5. It's stale. I can turn on K-102 and I hear a song that sounds just like everything my country-loving ex listened to 10 years ago.

You can apply a lot of that to Nickelback too:

1. He sounds like every grunge singer ever
2. It's the same disco beat in half their songs, ballad beat in the others
3. Same minor chord changes, same sampled drum tracks with gated reverb, same PRS-into-Mesa-Boogie guitar sound
4. Every Nickelback song I've heard in the last 5+ years is talking about drinking, drugs, and loose women
5. See above, nothing has changed in 10 years

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