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12-18-2003, 08:25 PM
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I was at the game, here is my take on it.

I thought the Rangers played a very inconsistent game, they dominated but also were extremely sloppy. I have mixed feelings for a lot of reasons, some individual performances but also the team effort in the third. This team just makes me sick. You can see them breaking down towards the end of the game, always the same story with them.

Dunham, despite being named first star was very shakey. He was lucky a lot of times and even though the Isles did have a lot of scoring chances, most of the shots were weak. To be honest, this was the first time I've been at a game and felt disapointed in him since he arrived here last year.

I am so sick of Vladimir Malakhov. The guy just doesn't give a ****! He floated the entire game, not once breaking a sweat. What makes it worse is he still does maybe one or two really nice things that no one else with the exception of Leetch would have the ability to do. It amazes me why we, the organization and even fans tolerate this. Yes, I know he gets booed and ripped but wow, he is just the same as Alexander Daigle and last I checked, prior to this season Daigle was cut by 2-3 teams including us for the same crap Malakhov does.

What was up with the ice tonight? In the first period, I thought Leetch was really showing his age. He could not handle the puck at all. Gave it up twice in his own zone and could not hold it in the Isles zone on the PP but of course 30 seconds into the second he makes one of the sweetest set ups I've witnessed making me wonder even more. Later on Kovalev and Lindros had trouble handling the puck so I figured it was more of the ice then Leetch.

- I thought he played very well. He was all over the place, set up Poti nicely on the PP. He was a physical presence much like his old self but don't let that mislead you, he abused all the midgets.

- Beautiful goal but other then that he did nothing. Once again his defensive defficiencies was more then noticable. He is such a wuss.

Carter and Hlavac
- I was very impressed by them tonight. They were noticable, gave a good effort and created opportunities. I thought they were our best forwards after Lindros.

Barnaby and Simon
- I hate it when I see trade proposals involving Barnaby. He is what this team needs more of, a player that gives a consistent effort every night. Simon has officially won me over. He's always involved some how, I can't think of a bad game he's had this season.

Holik, Rucinsky, Kovalev
- I though Holik played good enough not to be knocked but Rucinsky and Kovalev reminded me of Carter and Hlavac a month ago. If not for the ice time they get, I don't think I'd have known they were even playing.

- I always bash the guy but he played good tonight. Looked ten years younger on more then one instance tonight!

- I think he's good enough to be a everyday #5-6. He plays simple, doesn't do anything to hurt you but occasionally can chip in offensively. One things for sure, he's better then Malakhov and Mironov.

- Did his job tonight, made some hits, played ok defense but it makes me cringe knowing he gets paid over 4 mill a season. He is no more then a #5 defenseman.

Ortmeyer, Lacouture
- who are they?

a couple comments on the isles
Breaking news: Garth Snow sucks. He can't stop the puck cleanly, is routinely out of position, gives up big rebounds. He should not be starting, where is little Ricky!

Jason Blake reminded me of a more aggressive, less offensive Mike York. Oleg Kvasha impressed me as well.

I've never seen Peca live and on TV, I never pay attention to him but I will say I like his game a lot. He is a more skilled and much smarter Matt Barnaby. A line of Barnaby-Peca-Simon would be cool to have.

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