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12-18-2003, 08:31 PM
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Originally Posted by habsfansam
I have to disagree... Gainey will be a buyer (for the type of guy that people seem to want... ie a big scoring winger) only if the CBA is straightened out by then. If not, there is no need to mortgage the future of the franchise (or even trade away one of our assets like a Hainsey, Hossa, Komi, Perez... etc) to make a run at what... the 2nd round?? There are far too many teams that are heavyweights in the East (Ottawa, Philly, NJ, and Toronto if they can maintain their game) for Gainey to be a big buyer thinking that we can compete all the way to the top. if the habs have to run that gauntlet, we'd get crushed by whatever western conference team shows up... we're just not big enough or skilled enough YET.

I can see him picking up some guy that won't impress you initially, as a depth building measure... then we've got another large, responsible body to ice against the monsters of the east.

Actually i wouldn't be surprised to see the habs stand pat to maintain some of our depth so that we can be rested and competitive at the seasons end.

It's all hocus-pocus now anyways. We'll be in the hunt and that's good enough for me this year... no need to get too revved up over recent success. In another two years, i think we'll make a lot of noise and be very scary to play in the playoffs... then maybe stanley darlin' will come home?
Ok maybe not a "big" buyer but I don't see any reason why he wouldn;t go out and get someone from a team that is out of the playoff picture. But we are only 30 games into the season and who knows what the standings will be at that point. Plus the impending CBA problems teams probably won't be too quick to go out and get guys currently under long team contracts. BUT BG may look to getting an UFA...but like you said there is no point in selling the farm only to get beat out by TO or Philly.

I guess I am just excited to see the team playing well and being competitive every night But I think this play is just the tip of the iceberg for what we can expect for years to come from our Habs because they are plenty of young guns just waiting to get their chance.

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