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02-21-2013, 05:48 PM
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Originally Posted by klozge View Post
So, you basically want to ban hitting from the NHL? Every hit can result in injury if the receiving player makes something stupid. It was a good, clean hit and it wasn't borderline late.
See, I just KNEW someone would take my argument to the extreme.

No, I am not arguing for the banning of hits or the pansification of the game, blah, blah, blah...All I know is, most every other contact sport, if you hit the guy late, you get a major infraction, no questions asked. You can have plenty of bone-jarring hits in hockey without the one we saw just last night. I love hitting in hockey--I loved it as a player, and I loved it as a fan. But I've never liked it when a guy hits someone else after the puck has already left the vicinity and the checker had enough time to stop or veer off. I think last night was an example of that. I don't think Olver's hit was dirty per se, but I would like to see that particular type of hit taken out of the game. That's my opinion.

And yeah, it was borderline late. If you don't want to be objective about it, fine, we'll agree to disagree. I like Olver, and I don't blame him much for leveling that hit, I just don't like the fact that it's "legal" and has been for quite some time.

Tarasenko did nothing stupid. "Keep your head up kid" is just a silly excuse most days. He did nothing wrong, merely played a puck that got caught in his skates. It wasn't like he was a youth league kid barreling down the ice with his head down. I don't think players should have to suddenly whip their head around looking for potential blindside hits headed their way every time they release the puck. And yeah, I don't think Landeskog did anything wrong either...and unlike Olver, I do believe that was a blatantly dirty hit and Stuart intended to hit the head. Maybe I'm biased, but I do believe there's plenty of evidence to show he was indeed leaving his feet at the time of the hit.

You'll never rid the league of concussions...but the NHL sure as hell could cut down on them big-time. And they could start by establishing better criteria when laying down Shanabans and also cracking down on contact after the play.

Originally Posted by AvsFanRCN View Post
Even though you have Zanon's head on your avatar I still can't help but read your posts in sean connery's voice. It both adds to your credibility and makes you more bad ass (much like zanon's beard)
Thanks much. I strive for maximum credibility and badassery in every post.

(I almost said "beardassery" but that might've taken things a bit far)

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