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02-21-2013, 05:50 PM
Nicky Santoro
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well, i'll say this...if they got 10.91 peak last game. just imagine what it'll get with 5 min to go and hawks up 3-2, or even game tied 3-3.. and this time, not even a bulls game on at same time like last time. can you see a peak of 14.9?? i can..

just pretend it's your team.. lets say you're a flyer fan, or a leaf fan, or a caps fan.. and tomorrow night, your team takes the ice vs sj for the all time best start in NHL history. you tell me you won't be counting the minutes from this second? i would be freaking out now and and pacing the room. It just has to be like this in chicago now..

BTW boys, no one yet has found out what the flyers/pens rating was last night? it's still not out.. no one has yet posted it. if you see it, can you pls post it here. i am so anxious to see it. it's gotta be huge. easily easily easily, the best and most exciting game of the year in the NHL so far. lots of goals, rough stuff, comebacks, fights, it had it all.i just hope people all tuned in. It will gain a lot of new fans for sure.

I predict 900,000. just short of the BOS/NYR record this yr.

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