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Originally Posted by bobo8192 View Post
You're probably correct, but there's issues with building a new arena in downtown. For one the most viable parcel of land to construct an arena is where the XL Center currently sits and this is from the CDA's feasibility study from 07'. So not only would you have to demolish the XL Center (no events for 2-3 years) and you'd have to still expand the existing footprint for a modern sized arena. Secondly the parking situation for any event upwards of 10,000 is pretty atrocious.

Having an arena in EH would quell those concerns, plenty of space, parking and arguably more accessible than having to drive into downtown. I know this is about helping rejuvenate Hartford, but if it takes an arena in EH to get the Whalers back so be it because in the end it's about improving the region.
Well if the whale had a new home for the next several years and the town figured a way to demolish the XL Center and Rebuild a new arena, you are correct... It would take about a year to destroy the arena, and 2 years to build a new one...

I feel that if hartford did this, however, they have a clear shot at getting a team. NHL isn't going to expand for another 3-5 years at the earliest, as it's not happening next season. Around that time, there will be seattle and hartford available if this entire thing in East Hartford, or even Downtown Hartford picks up traction... If Phoenix relocates to Quebec, this entire thing is in the bag and plays out perfectly... 2 new arenas, 2 new teams, and 2 proven markets in 3-5 years? Throw in a possible relocation of a failing team at that point? Sounds like clockwork to me

Beyond that, East hartford is literally a 5 minute drive to hartford. Mass transit lines can be constructed/arranged from Hartford Downtown to the Arena in East hartford. That would be ideal...
Even West hartford is an option... Very rich neighborhood, still very close to hartford

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