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02-21-2013, 07:27 PM
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Originally Posted by redbull View Post
makes no sense to pay $24 Million ACTUAL dollars to rid yourself of $4.5MM in cap space that you won't invest in actual players.

Say the Isles spend $44MM total on the roster (the cap floor) - ignoring the Tim Thomas cheating.

If they buyout Dipietro:

Wang will need to pay $68MM next year, but the cap would be $39.5MM next year, so they'd have to spend another $4.5MM (MINIMUM) on PLAYERS just to get back to the floor again next year.

So Wang can either spend $44MM next year and include DP's $4.5MM
He can pay $72.5MM (cash outflow) for achieving the same cap floor of $44MM.

Just can't see it happening.

If he sells the team, DP becomes someone else's problem.
Wait- are saying that it's a lump sum? I don't think it is.
Originally Posted by Homeland Security View Post
You CANNOT go to Brooklyn with DP on the roster in any way shape or form.

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