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12-18-2003, 08:55 PM
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Grades 30 Games In.....

Well....obviously this team has been playing great lately. Lets hope they keep it up, and beat on anyone who calls playoffs yet. After these 7 years I won't believe the Flames are in until the day they clinch it, and even then I might second guess myself.

First the Injured/Incomplete guys....
Reinprecht - This team really misses him on the PP IMO.
Conroy - Too bad he got hurt right when he found a friend in Donovan.
Betts - Still out, I like what Morgan's done, but he's no Betts IMO.
Turek - Looks like he'll have a fight on ihs hands for playing time.
Green - Seems to play better without Iginla...strange, but hey, not great though.
Morgan - Came in and did the job, perfect call upper IMO.
Montador - Just a stellar No.7
Lowry - In the PB, where he belongs, but he's learning coaching which is good IMO, could he get a job when the re-open an AHL team?

Exceeding Expectations

Shean Donovan Points, Pace (12-6-18),(33-16-49)....Obviously 33 goals is something that I don't expect him to reach, but that fact he alread has more goals than I was willing to put him on pace for, he's definetaly here, he's just been great.

Jordan Leopold (5-8-13),(14-22-36)....I'm really impressed with him lately, he's taking a nice step forward. I would be happey with 5-10 goals and 25-30 points. He is exceeding all I wanted.

Oleg Saprykin (4-6-10),(13-20-33)....Okay his stats aren't amazing, but the fact he has found his way onto Iginla's line with Sutter as his coach is enough for me to put him here. He may lose his spot with Iggy once Rhino is back, but I think he could keep in the line up with his play of late.

Robyn Regehr (2-7-9),(5-19-24)....One pace to double his career high in points and tie it in goals. He jumped straight from my disappointment list to exceeding, like I though he could. He is really finding some offense IMO. if he score 20+ points this year I'd be extatic.

Rhett Warrener (0-6-6),(0-17-17)....Has been our MVP so far IMO...only thing I've ever agreed with Roger Millions on . Stands up for anyone, shows lotsa leadership through that. has a pretty good points pace as well.

Matt Lombardi (6-7-13),(17-20-37)....Should be expect he would slow. Could find more offense again with Iginla. Has been playing to well even when not scoring to be sent down again IMO. Still WAY above what I though he'd do this year though.

Miika Kiprusoff...I don't have his stats right here, but he has been stellar so far. Tops in SV% and GAA in the league I believe. Just Awesome, I know he will likely slow, but for a second rounder? Definetaly a good trade, this guy HAS helped us alot, who knows what that pick coulda done.

Jamie McLennan....I'm really impressed with how he has carried himself with Kipper's emergence, especially knowing that something will be up once Turek returns. I'd hate to see him go. He has done everything asked of him this season.

At Expectations

Marty Gelinas (6-10-16),(17-29-46)....Has been solid to good lately. Just a solid leader who really has impeccable consistancy in his game IMO. Brings it the same every night. 40+ points outta him would be great.

Dean McAmmond (8-5-13),(25-15-40)....Should probably be on my exceeding list since I didn't expect this much from him, but I'm biased. He's a solid guy.....I guess.

Stephane Yelle (3-7-10),(9-21-30)....Back in a checking role, which is good, I think he puts up more offense when he is in it anyway. It defines his role more for him IMO. Right on pace.

Toni Lydman (2-6-8),(6-18-24)....Just back from injury. Not full force yet IMO, but will be there right away. Nice to have such a constant player.

Chris Clark (2-6-8),(5-16-21)...Has some points. More importantly can police and be on the ice more than Oliwa who is a bit more risky IMO. Can't complain here.

Andy Ference (2-5-7),(6-15-21)....Right where I expect him. Still error-prone but improving. 20+ points would be cool from him.

Krzyztof Oliwa (1-1-2),(3-3-6).....Does his job, can't complain at all. Always seems to pick good times to fight IMO.

Denis Gauthier (0-2-2),(0-5-5).....Just has really picked up his game this year learning from Warrener, could be exceeding expectations, maybe should be but has been solid not so much outstanding IMO, so here he is.

Below Expectations

Jarome Iginla (11-11-22),(30-30-60)....I know, I know, he's really stepped up lately, but this is the whole year so I can't say he's at my expectations yet, he has to be clickin' at least at 35-40 goals and 65-70 points to satisfy me though. Could really climb these rankings quick though, since he has been great of late. Needs to stay with Lombardi IMO, they just play great together, and with Rhino when he comes back most likely, will be solid.

Chuck Kobasew (2-7-9),(6-20-26)....Needs to find his way back to McAmmond, they play well together. Needs to work hard enough to get off the checking line. I'd like to see him fight someone, just show Sutter he's had enough, and start scoring of course. 10-15 would put him on par IMO. Has still got that possibility.

Thoughts? Opinions? Questions?

Lets hear'em.

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