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02-21-2013, 06:30 PM
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I can see some of the claims made in this thread about Country. Some of them are valid. The "this is country" stuff lately is getting annoying. Most of the songs are catchy...but they're so damn annoying.

The reason I love country is that you can hear the song once, maybe twice, and you can sing along with it. I've heard that some people want more complicated songs, but why listen to music that you have to spend hours listening to in order to get the lyrics down?

Plus, what's more fun than singing about booze and women? Some country songs can get absolutely stupid silly and those can be the best ones. Brad Paisley and Tim McGraw know how to have fun and it shows in their music.

And seriously, guys, for those of you who have a girlfriend/fiance/wife/SO, if you can listen through this album and not find a song that doesn't remind you of that special someone, then I' flabergasted I guess. So many great love songs, and the dude can sing.

And in a completely unrelated direction, Fel I think you'll enjoy this, in my french class today I had to write 15 sentences about a fictional trip to another country. I had about 10 minutes to do it before class because it was assigned a few days ago, so I didn't really have a whole lot of time to think it through. I decided to say I went to Quebec, travelled through Shawinigan, Quebec City, and Gatineau. And I said I ate Poutine the entire time. Described how to make it and my teacher, a guy who was born in Africa and then lived in Parise for a few years before coming over here to teach, now wants to try it. Got bonus points for teaching him a "french" dish that he never had

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