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02-21-2013, 06:41 PM
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Originally Posted by roccerfeller View Post
She's likely biased, and it doesn't sound like she understands Québec City as much (for one thing, she got the population wrong).

To others, Québec City would be just as much -if not more- of a "no brainer" as she claims.

That said, there may also be some merit regarding how connected the two teams relocating to Seattle may be
I hope QC gets a team (they deserve it, and if its the Coyotes more power to them). But ...

If the NHL was committed to going to QC you would think they would have pulled the plug on Phoenix sometime in the last 2 years as this saga has drug on (committed owner, new building on the way, rabid hockey market). They haven't. Why? Its not a huge logical leap to conclude they are waiting on Seattle to get everything in order and a commitment to a new building (which could come in the next 2*3 months - well before any deadline to relocate a team for next year) before making a move.

You can run thru the attributes for both cities and each side has pluses and minuses. I just think if the NHL wanted to relocate a west coast team like Phoenix back east to QC they would have done it by now. Instead - they keep rolling out new buyers for Phoenix.

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