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02-21-2013, 06:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Talks to Goalposts View Post
I agree, in some ways this opening stretch is the same as the one they had to start the disaster season just this time the bounces favour Montreal rather than going the other way.

But Montreal's fundamentals are a long stronger than Toronto's. This core group of Habs players tends to be average to above average in the East while the Leafs tend to stink. I can believe Montreal can be an above average team based on a deep offense, two top defenseman and a proven star goaltender. Montreal's successful scorers are largely canceled out by their under performing ones. I'm a bit incredulous that the Leafs will keep up their team wide hot streak on scoring and their goaltending tandem will be as effective moving forward.
I definitely agree with this. Goaltending alone should bare this out.

I think the Leafs make the playoffs this year though. Ottawa has lost Spezza and Karlsson so I think that opens up a spot and other teams are struggling. I think they'll make it by default.
Originally Posted by Teufelsdreck View Post
The Habs aren't the Blackhawks and they're unlikely to maintain their current pace if for no other reason than that a majority of their future games will be played on the road. The opponents they've already beaten will be better prepared for them. However, their record is no fluke. They're a good team and any "surgical tank" they attempt would probably not be sufficient to result in a very high draft pick. Since that's the case, I wish the tankards would stop their yapping and bask in the Habs' unaccustomed high position while it lasts. And if as the trading deadline approaches the Habs have a shot at finishing among the top 5 in the East, perhaps Bergevin should consider trading one or more of their three second round picks in 2013 to acquire a talented veteran for the playoffs.
God I hope this doesn't happen. Esp with the deep draft we have coming up.
Originally Posted by Habaddict View Post
That is an interesting question. When do we become buyers?

After all, the strong teams in the west are irrelevant to the habs.
Simply getting to play against one of them would be a major success.
And the east looks pretty wide open, with the exception of Pittsburg.
If we can avoid 7th or 8th, we aren't likely to face a team like that
until we've gone pretty deep.
The East actually is wide open this year. But we shouldn't waste picks on a longshot run to the cup. I'd still prefer we stack the deck going forward but I'd be happy with just standing pat.

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