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02-21-2013, 07:09 PM
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People are def selling the Nuggets short. You forget how truly awful of a franchise they've been at times. After they got Melo and with the current playoff streak things have been a little different. They've never had Avalanche or Bronco success. Broncos are #1 and that'll never change because it's football.

All teams equal, I won't comment on baseball because I don't follow it like at all. I don't listen when people talk about it and just tune it all out. I probably wouldn't even follow a Rockies playoff run, so I have zero knowledge of anything related to them.


IMO. You give the Nuggets a Sakic, Foppa, Roy and those kinda players and I think they'd be just as popular as the Avs. Difference is with the Avs you take away those superstar players and they are near the bottom of the league in attendance. Roster wise a few years ago Avs were similar to the Nuggets, even with the typical first round out. Lots of youth, a great star to build around in Dutchy .. not like the Nuggets have any superstars anymore. Exciting team but no name value, yet everybody knows Ty Lawson and Danilo where as IMO Duchene is a better player/prospect than those too, as well as Landy.

In the end we should all applaud Denver because every team has shown that when you do things right they get the support. I believe the smallest area to have all major sports teams in the US? Even have Lacrosse and Soccer.

I don't really have a personal favorite. I'll watch an Avs game over the Nuggets if they are the better team, same with the Nuggets. Right now I'd watch a Nuggets game first. Always watch Broncos games and follow all 3 no matter what, I long for the day all 3 win a championship in the same year

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