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02-21-2013, 07:53 PM
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Originally Posted by MNNumbers View Post
I agree with the reasoning in this post about why the team has not moved as of yet.

And, I believe that QUE is the most likely location. However, I would not be surprised to see them move to SEA, even though I do not know who the owner might be there. I have seen many post on here about Don Levin. Some have mentioned that his interest was in a facility in Bellevue, which is off the table now...
If Levin's serious about the NHL in the Seattle area, I'd think he'd get in on Hansen's SoDo building. If he's really holding out on a hockey-friendly arena (there's no such thing as a hockey-specific, or any sport-specific indoor arena anymore) in Bellevue, someone else will sweep in and get a team downtown.

At the moment, QC leads on definites. They definitely have an owner-candidate in Peladeau, they definitely have a hockey-friendly arena coming, and they definitely have city and provincial support for just the NHL. Seattle MIGHT have an owner-candidate (Levin? Hansen?), they MIGHT have shovels in the ground soon (let's not fool ourselves, Seattle/King Co. is absolutely waiting for the Kings verdict), and they MIGHT have support in City Hall (Yeah, $80 million extra for the arena if the NHL is secured). To me, I don't think the NHL will care about games in KeyArena IF the new arena's coming.

What clinches QC for an immediate relocation is infrastructure. All those definite concepts in QC are going to be necessary to get the team on the ice in time to start the 2013-14 season. Ask TNSE how they felt about having a whole of four months to prepare for the NHL when they already had the NHL-quality arena and facilities. For Seattle to get going on all of that in time to start for 2013-14 would be a Herculean task to say the least, made all the more difficult by having little anchored in place. In fact, I think QC would be rushed if they announced today that they were bringing Phoenix east for next season. Put all that together, and the NHL has two options: get the Coyotes sold to PKP right now to get them properly set up for next season, or brace for a lame duck 82-game season in Phoenix while Seattle and QC get their ducks in a row. And if the people in the know are serious about getting the Coyotes in Seattle, I suspect there's going to be one more season in the desert.

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