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Skyfall 6.5-7/10

Nothing exceptional here except for the cinematography. The story was about as predictable as they come, and had too many plot holes to name. Still an entertaining movie, but hardly the masterpiece, or "Best Bond ever" many set it out to be.

Zero Dark Thirty 6/10

Why tell a 1.5 hour story over 2.5 hours? The script was dull, most of the scenes repetitive and pointless, and the ending predictable (). How Chastain got nominated for an Oscar is beyond me. Hardly a demanding role or overly effective portrayal. Much like with Hurt Locker, I think it's getting more praise for the subject matter than the actual content or execution of the film. Bigalow has come a long way though since K-19:The Widowmaker, which is probably the worst movie I've ever seen.

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